Sep 27, 2007

I Had Ribs For Lunch...Linkorama

A few notes for the Irish faithful...
  • Chris Stewart has left the football team. I would write more about this, but Her Loyal Sons have already put something together. This is the 3rd player to leave in as many weeks.
  • Demetrius Jones is now a Bearcat. They welcome him at Nippert.
  • Omar Hunter may not be a Skunkbear, but the Poodle is hot after him. Hunter received an offer from USC. He seemed very excited about the offer, but said he remains committed to the Irish.
  • If you haven't heard about the new blog Legends of South Bend, you are lost. It is a creation of Aaron Taylor's and has a lot of good stuff on it including interviews with former Irish Players and Coaches. They haven't returned my phone calls, so better check it out... I might be a while.
  • Headbutts And Groin Kicks coming tomorrow. But here's some kicks to keep you satisfied...

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