Dec 29, 2007

The All-Davieham Team... Part 1 Offense

Things need a little lightening up around NDNation. I realize that even the slight utterance of Bob Davie and Tyrone Willingham has the opposite effect. However, many of the players on these 2 buffoon's teams are quite loved and respected. To honor these players and to change the topic around the blogosphere (recruiting, depth charts, etc.) I bring you The Subway Domer All-Davieham Team. To be a member of this team, a player would have had to been at least a 2 year starter during the years of 1997-2004. Enjoy...

Quarterback: Jarious Jackson. Surprise! I know some of you are already yelling at the computer screen for Brady Quinn, but Jarious started more games in his 2 years and set passing records that Quinn didn't break until his Junior year (with the help of Weis). Jarious had a very up and down 2 years at the helm, but managed to beat USC both years and had an amazing comeback victory versus Oklahoma. Need more to satisfy? Well, The House That Rock Built put this paragraph together that is quite poetic:

By far one of the gutsiest quarterbacks ever to don the blue
and gold,
particularly since he was unfettered week to week with anything
resembling an
offensive gameplan or playbook. Nay, Jarious was instructed to
run around in the
backfield, dodging potential career-ending tackler after
career-ending tackler,
then fling the ball haphazardly downfield and pray
for a miracle. Surprisingly,
he set an impressive array of school records
doing this. You can read more about
this proven offensive strategy if you
buy ESPN Insider. Bob Davie's columns
alone on the "Run & Fling" offense
will make it all worthwhile.
Tailback: Autry Denson & Julius Jones. There was no way I was going to chose between the two great ones. Denson left ND as its all-time leading rusher (4318 yds.) and second in rushing TD's (43) behind Allen Pinket (49). Denson was a very smart runner and ran the draws and screens better than anyone that ever put on a Gold Helmet. (Yes, better than D. Walker). Jones was one of the most electrifying players in Irish history. Whenever Jones carried the ball or was returning a kick, you held your breath in anticipation of something magical. Jones holds the single game rushing record of 262 yards and is currently 5th all-time in yardage. Jones was a Ty victim. If he was fed the ball, we won. Instead, he played second fiddle to a then fumbling and less explosive Ryan Grant. Jones won the hearts of many Irish fans with his perseverance in a time of adversity. Jones left school for academic reasons in 2002 and worked hard at a Junior College in Arizona to comeback to play for the Irish and graduate.

Wide Receiver: Bobby Brown & Rhema McKnight. Of all the wide receivers to play during this era (and a lot were underused by Kevin Rogers) these 2 were the only ones to lead the team in receptions and yards in 2 different years. Bobby Brown might be more remembered for his personal foul penalty against Michigan in 1999 after a touchdown that helped the Skunkbears to victory. (It was a bullshit call...Q-Dogs!What!) Brown was THE go to WR in a system that didn't know how to use one. McKnight came to ND as a 5-Star recruit and put together a very good career at ND. During the Ty era McKnight was used as the bubble screen runner extraordinaire. It was as if ND didn't have any other route for him. Rhema did have some spectacular catches at ND but was ridiculed by fans and media his senior year for some dropped balls. McKnight will always be remembered for his season ending injury in 2005 (against the Skunkbears) that helped jumpstart the Legend of Samardzija.

Fullback: Tom Lopienski. After the great fullbacks of the Holtz Era (Bettis, Zellers, and Edwards), the Irish have been pretty bare at this position which continues even today. Tom, however was a 3 year starter and a very gritty special teams player. Had only 1 TD in his tenure at ND and it was a pass reception. Tom was a very good blocker and continued on to the NFL to do more of the same dirty work as he did at Notre Dame.

Tight End: Jabari Holloway. The Irish have had a long history of great tight ends. Holloway will never really fit into this category, but was very good during his time at ND. He was a three year starter and a clutch option for Jackson. Holloway was a ferocious blocker and in the system provided, that was priority #1.

Offensive Tackles: LT Luke Pettigout & RT Kurt Vollers. Back when the Irish had actual depth on the O-Line, There were generally only 2 year starters in a career. Pettigout was one of these guys. Luke was a stout run blocker and protected the quarterback fiercely. Kurt Vollers was an enormous specimen at tackle. He had a decent career at ND, but was called for holding quite a few times. Never the less, he held his own against some of the nations top defenses during his tenure at ND.

Center: Jeff Faine. Quite possibly the greatest center in Irish history. He certainly was the most pissed off. Faine wasn't just intense, he was downright NASTY. Watching him block was a clinic on blocking from snap to whistle. His ability to give 120% on every play and still wanting more, created a spot for himself in legions of Irish fans hearts. Jeff liked to mix it up with the opposing defense and was called for more than his fair share of personal fouls. But, that's what you get from a offensive lineman with a defensive lineman's mentality. Think: Zorich at center. Jeff was a 3 year starter and then moved on to the NFL as one of the 1st round draft picks in this dreadful era.
Guards: Mike Gandy & Sean Mahan. I really have no stats or reasoning for these selections, but I would like to think that I would. Both Mike and Sean were standouts at their positions as they benefited from depth to compete against. (Thanks again Ty!)
I will provide Part 2 (defense) and Part 3 (special teams) along with a short editorial on this era of players soon. On another note, as I was writing this post I started to wonder if this had been done before. Meaning: it's a good idea and probably a few years too late. Lo and behold, after I wrote this piece and before I published it, I stumbled onto a Blue-Gray Sky post that covered these topics already. Man those guys are good. Looks like I won't even waste my time with the All Holtz-team. But as I said, I will continue with parts 2 & 3.

Dec 28, 2007

And In This Corner...

The hot topic for Irish fans over the past two weeks has been Omar Hunter's last minute decision to continue testing the college waters, or in this case the Florida swampland, and Mike Martin has surfaced as a legitimate back-up plan in the event that Hunter does choose Florida. The debate about who is the better player has begun to rage on most Notre Dame message communities like a wet box of matches, but is there any validity to the discussion? Could Martin be a solution to the last minute snub by Omar? Well here's my opinion on the subject, which along with $1.25 will get you a cup of coffee at the local donut shop.

Omar Hunter is the #4 ranked prospect on the Rivals list at the interior defensive lineman position, Mike Martin is the #12 ranked player. Both bring something different and unique to the table, but Omar Hunter seems to be a man among boys.

Admittedly, I have nothing to go on for either of these players beyond the highlight film that can be found on the various premium pay sites around the web, which is about all anyone has to go on unless you live in Michigan or Georgia. I don't live anywhere near those places so like most everyone else I am basing my opinion on the available film.

I took another look at that film yesterday and tried to scrutinize it closely in the hopes of finding something, anything, that would convince me that Mike Martin is a better option than Hunter. It's not that I have anything against Omar; it's just that as a Notre Dame loyalist, I have a problem rooting for kids that don't want to play for this program.

I know, I know, "the kid has every right to choose the school he wants to play for..." I've heard it all before, so let me save you the trouble. In fact, anybody who spends any amount of time on Irish message boards has heard it. There is the contingent of fans that bleed blue and gold and think that everything that doesn't bleed blue and gold sucks, and then there are those crazy libs that believe we should have a certain level of compassion and understanding for everybody, whether they are Irish at heart or not.

Let me just explain something, I am a Notre Dame fan. So while I agree that Omar has the right to choose whatever school he wants, I reserve the right to support only players that attend (or in this case players who will be attending in the future) Notre Dame. You wouldn't cheer for Hunter during the season if he was donning a Florida Gators uniform would you? Take note, this is not me saying that I hope Omar gets hit by a bus or suffers a career ending injury, I don't wish harm on the kid... but he is either Irish or he's not, and if he isn't then he just fell off my radar as somebody I give a flying turd about. It's as simple as that.

So there I was, looking for reasons to welcome Mike Martin with open arms as the better of the two, and tell Omar where he can take a flying leap. Unfortunately though, nothing on the film confirmed what I was so desperately seeking. I scrutinized everything that Rivals and Scout (which turns out to be the same basic footage) had to offer for the better part of an hour trying to find some indication that Mike Martin can be as dominant as Omar Hunter and when the dust settled on my keyboard, I had nothing.

Now this isn't to say that Martin is not a specimen. He is probably the stronger of the two from a pure brute strength perspective. Martin benches 420 lbs. and Hunter benches about the same, but Martin can squat 550 lbs. to Hunter's 475, and that lower body strength seems to make a difference. Martin also has a swim move that is more technically sound than anything Hunter has to offer. Unfortunately, that is where the comparisons seem to stop.

Hunter is a bull-rush specialist like nothing I have ever seen from a kid his age. His singular determination to destroy the person (or in most cases "persons") in front of him and get into the backfield is something to behold. To say that Omar is an extremely explosive and virtually unstoppable player would be a vast understatement.

There is also a difference in the type of player that Notre Dame would be getting in these two kids. With Martin, the Irish would probably be getting a player cut from the same mold as Trevor Laws. Like Laws, Martin has a background in wrestling and is a master of leverage. His balance and lower body strength allow him to do some things that Hunter simply could not. However, he's not a road-grader like Hunter and would probably not be able to fill the 0-technique NT spot like Hunter could. Not that there would be anything wrong with another Trevor Laws type of player, but with the new 3-4 scheme that Corwin Brown implemented last season, there is no doubt that Omar Hunter would be a better fit.

In my estimation, the best indicator of whether something is true or not is if it remains true even after you have something emotionally invested in it not being true. I studied the film of both players wanting desperately for Mike Martin to be the better of the two. And in the end, he just wasn't. I think Martin would be a terrific fall-back plan in the event that Hunter does go elsewhere, and let's face it, it looks like that is what's going to happen at this point. But he's not a better player than Hunter and at this point in time, he doesn't appear to be as good a fit for this defensive scheme either.

Dec 27, 2007

Fixing College Football

Yesterday I was in the car on the way home from work and was listening to ESPN radio. It was the Colin Cowherd show with some host (his name escapes me at the moment) filling in for Colin. The topic was How to fix college football. The premise was designed to get listeners to call in or e-mail their thoughts and ideas about how to better the game. There was one exception... no talk of a playoff at the end of the season.

At first I was dumbfounded. "What the hell is wrong with the greatest thing on this earth other than a retarded way to decide a TRUE champion?" It was about that time that I turned into the driveway and went inside. I never did hear the conversation, but not long after I went inside I found myself scribbling down a few things. There are many things that are great with College Football, but here are the things (and they are just a few) that I would change...


Early Signing Period. It has been said many times by coaches, analysts, and fans from around the country... recruiting is the life blood of any program. But, recruiting has also become a huge business and time consuming affair for all parties. And quite honestly, it has become a circus. I think the best way to help the college game would be to insert an early signing period. Let's just say, August 1st. If a recruit wishes to pledge himself to a program, let that person put it on paper and fully commit himself. If a recruit signs, and changes their mind in say, December, that person will be ineligible to play in their freshman season with the following exceptions...

  1. A coaching change.
  2. Status of their academics.
  3. Granted permission to change by the NCAA due to an appeal.

If a recruit does not sign by August 1st, they can still give their signature and commit by February 1st. This might cut down on the poaching of athletes, the lies, and the games that are played by coaches and recruits alike. It will allow coaches to have a firmer grasp on what their roster will look like in the coming year, and could take some of the pressure off of the H.S. kids to allow them to concentrate more on their senior year.

Pull the stick out of your ass. It gets worse every year. College officials are throwing out the yellow rags more and more for celebrations. For what college football fans say they love about the sport, the emotion of athletes playing for their school and not money (which is a farce anyhow) some out there want to see robots playing. This is a different age in the world, let alone College Football. Let them get excited and have a little fun. I am not saying, that this should be more like the NFL because it shouldn't. If you watch a lot of college games you understand what I am getting at. It is hard to set guidelines for this but, I'll give it a shot...

  • No spiking.
  • No taunting. (The player would have to be specific with his gestures to an opposing player or the opposing bench)
  • No group stuff.
  • No props (Sharpies, signs, etc.)

Other than that, let them play. "Act like you been there before?" What if they haven't? What if they just picked the ball off in the redzone to seal a victory? Chris Spielman. Shut the hell up. Let them have fun and in turn play the game with emotion and fire. Next time you bitch about a player having a little too much fun out there, look to see if you either grew a new patch of grey hair, or still have that stick firmly planted up your...

Practice makes perfect. This has never made sense to me. A school can only have practices after the regular season if they are heading to a bowl game. That's cool. Letting the rich get richer while those who need all the help they can get, are shut out. It's an American tradition. Quite simply: as long as there are teams playing and practicing, every team should be able to practice as well.

Stop rewarding mediocrity. It is time to cut the bowls in half. While this will never happen because of money, it would be a major fix to the college game. 32 bowls? Not needed. I will stick to the parameters of no playoffs and give you the fix...

  1. 16 Bowl Games. Same BCS format for the BCS games with the top 4 teams placed in bowls with seeding. (It's not a playoff if you call it a bowl game) All games are to be played on December 29th, December 30th, New Years Eve and New Years Day.
  2. A plus1 National Title Game. Played 1 week after bowls are decided.
  3. Only conference champions and teams with 8 wins over 1-A opponents are eligible. This would also mean that a team would not be eligible for the National Title if they have ANY games versus a 1-AA school.

Schools should not be rewarded for a 6 win season that could turn into a losing campaign after the bowl game. And scheduling 1-AA schools is just wrong. This would provide the fans with a more exciting time and really put forth a true champion. Without a full blown playoff.

In Conclusion. I love college football. I think it is the greatest sport in the world. I also think that it does need tweaking. Do not speak of "Tradition" If tradition would have prevailed, football would have been banned. This is an ever evolving sport that needs tweaked from time to time. Even Rockne would agree with that. He changed a lot of the aspects of the game as well as many other coaches. And if Rockne isn't college football, who is?

Feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. You may e-mail me, use the shoutbox, comment on the post itself, or discuss in the forum. Any way you choose, I would like to hear it.

Dec 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Thank-you for taking the time to read Subway Domer. Celebrate with fervor and be kind to those who have less. Merry Christmas and Go Irish!

Dec 20, 2007

Bowling Starts

First Bowl game of the season is tonight! I didn't have time to put a preview together, but I do have a prediction...

I am rooting for the Midshipmen, but my gut is saying Utah all the way.
Word of the day: Gut Pile!

O' Mar Gawd



A lot of Internet chatter has been going on about Notre Dame's verbal commit Omar Hunter. If you follow recruiting as closely as I than you know that Omar is perhaps... looking elsewhere. Here is The Subway Domer thoughts on Omar and some half witted insight about the rumors around the web...

Omar is taking a visit to Florida in January. Yes, it seems as if that weasel Urban Meyer is back at it again with his sidekick Igor... I mean Greg Mattison. (Whose son would rather play for Ferentz and the Hawkeyes). He will visit Gainesville with a teammate on January 11th. If you didn't know that, you either are perfectly sane or dead. Check your pulse, because things are going to get a little crazy. Here's what I think...

  • Omar is a GREAT prospect. And this seems like a little Deja Vu is going on considering ND's past history with recruiting top defensive tackles. But Omar just isn't any DT. He is the prototypical NT in a 3-4 system.
  • Half-Full if a decommitment is near: We have 3 other DT's commit for the 2008 class.
  • Half-Empty response to a know it all drunk: 3 on paper. Cwynar might be a DE, Newman is a definite NT, and Hafis Williams... no one knows anything about him. (Which means I have seen no video on Scout or Rivals).
  • The proving it on the field respone: IAN WILLIAMS. He will be a Sophomore next year with already a ton of P.T. and was very productive this year as a freshman.
  • If we keep him great, if not... start looking for one in 2009.
  • That's it people. This is by no means over, and Weis is just handing Omar over to the Satanic Cult that is Gator Country, but you should of learned your lesson after last year. Kids change their mind all of the time. Bummer.

Dec 16, 2007

Nevin's 2007 "Highlight" Video

After a 3-9 season, there is a lot to be concerned about. However, with the amount of young guys in this video making big plays, look out for ND because the Fighting Irish will be back.

Thanks to Nevin O'Donnell for his hard work in putting this together.

Dec 15, 2007

Trevor Robinson Turns His Back On Nebraska...

It is done. Yesterday Trevor Robinson, 6'6" 306 lbs. offensive lineman from Elkhorn Nebraska, committed to Charlie Weis and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Trevor is the 22nd verbal commitment for Notre Dame and is a very welcome addition to a young offensive line in need of depth. He will also be an Early Entry to Notre Dame, joining Sean Cwynar in South Bend in January.

This ends what was one of the most interesting recruiting battles of the year.
Robinson gave a verbal commitment to Nebraska earlier in the year and then decided to keep his options open and decommitted before the season started . He then continued his search for a home. The Skunkbears of Michigan, Nebraska, and Notre Dame were his top 3 choices as he pressed on towards a decision.
Trevor visited the Irish 6 times before he came to the annual awards banquet for Notre Dame as the only visitor that had not already pledged themselves to the Irish.
During this process, an interesting thing happened that you don't see everyday. After the disaster that was the Nebraska season, The University hired Nebraska coaching legend Tom Osbourne as interim Athletic Director. The writing was on the wall and Bill Callahan was promptly fired as the season ended. Osbourne then made himself the Head Coach of the Football program so that he could go out and recruit Trevor himself. This is what makes Trevor's decision so amazing.
Imagine this scenario... You are an 18 year old highly ranked prospect from Fort Wayne Indiana. You are not a hardcore crazy, but have been a lifelong fan of Notre Dame. After a miserable 2007 season for the Irish, ND fires Kevin White as Athletic Director and hires Lou Holtz as an interim AD. Holtz then fires Weis and places himself as the Head Coach so that he can come visit and recruit you to ND. Then you commit to Tennessee. Wow.
This has been a gut wrenching time for Trevor and his family. And he should be commended for following what he felt was the best decision for himself.
His father, Wade, spoke to the South Bend Times:
"He's very relieved and excited to make a decision, and
excited for the decision he made."

His mother, Vicki, spoke with the Lincoln Journal Star:
"I think (Trevor) just felt comfortable there,"
Now Trevor can concentrate on a new school and playing for the Irish as he leaves his home state of Nebraska and plays for the Fighting Irish this winter.
Welcome To Notre Dame Trevor!!!

Dec 6, 2007

Quick Recruiting Tidbit

Weis has recently stated that ND could take as many as 27 commits for the 2008 incoming class. This is quite a lofty number considering the Irish have 21 commits right now with 2 months until National Signing Day. That means that there are 6 recruits that Weis is strongly recruiting. Most we have known about and others are names that have been lost due to other commitments. The possible 6 might be from this list...

  1. Trevor Robinson (OL 4*)
  2. Gerrell Robinson (WR 4*)
  3. Deion Walker (WR 5*)
  4. Milton Knox RB (RB 4* No offer yet and Committed to UCLA)
  5. Kapron Lewis-Moore (DE 4* Committed to Texas A&M)
  6. Datone Jones (DE 4* Committed to UCLA)
  7. Cyrus Gray (RB 4*)

I feel very confident in the 2 Robinsons and Deion Walker. T-Rob is coming to the awards banquet at ND and Irish fans should look for him to commit then. If he doesn't, he probably won't. G-Rob will wait until the Army A.A. Game to announce, but I feel 97% sure that he is Irish. Walker has cancelled his visits to USC and has not scheduled another for the Condoms. This is a Penn State and Notre Dame battle, but Deion will not announce until ESPN's A.A. game in January.

Knox has not seen an offer yet, but I believe that is due to a combination of 1) Test scores and 2) Cyrus Gray. ND would like another RB and if Knox gets his scores up, he should be offered. He is looking around after UCLA fired Karl Dorrell. Gray looks like he will be heading elsewhere, but nothing is set in stone.

Lewis-Moore is committed to A&M, but has openly stated that he is looking elsewhere and has not yet spoken to new Aggie head coach Mike Sherman. ND is very high on Kapron and would be a welcome addition.

The Irish are also getting a strong look from current UCLA commit, Datone Jones. Like Knox. the Dorrell firing may be the catalyst for Jones to be Irish when it is all said and done.

These are just possiblities. As everything in recruiting, this is all very fluid. What is interesting, is the high number Weis is willing to take. It would also mean that ND would have 2 Early Enrollees for the spring. And if Weis did reach that number, only 1 spot would be available for a fifth-year possibility for next year. Mo Crum is the likely candidate.

I will keep you all informed as much as I can in the coming weeks and months of all that is happening. What has been evident, is that this is already the best overall class for ND in many years and it may still get better. Add 3 or 4 of these recruits and it may be the best... ever.

Dec 5, 2007

Subway Domer Bowl Bonanza

It's that time of year everyone. Bowl season. Sign-up today at on their Bowl Mania link. I am in a Private group.

Name: Subway Domer Bonanza

Pass: weis

Go ahead and give it a shot. You could win a free Subway Domer T-Shirt or at least a shirt that makes fun of Pete Carroll or something.

Subway Domer Turns 1

Subway Domer turned 1 this week. It is only fitting that I am late with my own congratulatory. I would like to thank OC Domer, Sir John of Domer Domain, Ryan at NDLNA, and Mike Frank at Irish Eyes. They have allowed me to pimp my site freely and I have established a very nice readership. Thank-You to all of you that read SD and I hope that you all will continue to support me in the future. GO IRISH!!!

Nov 28, 2007

What Now?

This seems a lot like the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden. No more Irish football. You think I'm being a little too dramatic? Perhaps, but even after a disaster season such as the 2007 season was, I will still miss the Irish playing as much as I miss anything that I love.

But I digress before I even progressed. The question standing is; What now? Now we watch other teams all month long in meaningless bowl games that determine nothing. All the while, stuffing our fat faces with delicious holiday treats and waiting ever so patiently for National Signing Day and then Spring practice. sigh.

As far as this blog goes, to you my loyal readers (and haters), I will continue to bring my take to the table on all things that pertain to Fighting Irish football and NCAA D-1 football for that matter. Sorry hoops fans, my wife would feed me my nuts if I covered the hard wood as much as I cover what happens on the gridiron. If you need coverage of Men's hoops, check out Notes From The Geetar and Black and Green. If you are into Hockey, then go check out Colonialhead's Irish Blog if you haven't already.

This is what you can expect from your Emperor: Subway Domer...

  • Tribute pieces for all of the Fifth Year Seniors, as well as a tribute for any seniors this year that will not be coming back to Notre Dame for their fifth year.
  • The SDA's. Subway Domer Awards. (This is not a STD contrary to some previous statements).
  • Bowl coverage. This is how I started Subway Domer. (And poorly I might add)
  • The Subway Domer Bowl Battle. A contest for you all to play, and you can win a free prize. wow.
  • Extensive recruiting coverage. I'm not sure any blog or free site will bring you more coverage of the next incoming class. Bold statement? Maybe, but I follow this stuff with a passion and have a lot of plans for future posts to prove myself right.
  • Complete coverage of the Spring practice sessions and the Blue-Gold itself.

Alright, that about does it. If any of you would like to see anything else on Subway Domer, let me know either via e-mail or the shoutbox.

Go Irish!

Nov 26, 2007

I Hate Tree Huggers

I don't like hippies. Especially Tree Hugging, cheating, drum circle loving, Cardinal hippies. It is a shame the Irish couldn't beat them 100-0. That still, would not be enough to quench my blood lust for the extinction of all hippies. They do have good grass however.

Here are my final thoughts on the final game of the final season of losing for The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Run Bobby Run

What an amazing showcase Robert Hughes has put on these last 2 games. His display of vision, power, and determination keeps my prior comparison to Reggie Brooks viable. I could not help, however, as to sigh as he was caught from behind on the first run. Brooks would have took it to the house. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this kid and he has become perhaps my favorite player on offense (know where I can get a #33 jersey). He seems to have everything that Aldridge was supposed to have and is healthy. With all that has happened to him and his family these past months, it just amazing what he has accomplished. I can't wait for the spring game to see how much he has improved during the off-season. One of the main areas of concentration should be his explosiveness. Top end speed is difficult to improve on, but getting to your top speed quicker is a very reachable goal. HUGHES!!!

Turn Over And Fry

Once again the Irish failed to hold on to the football. Their only saving grace was the fact that Standford's kicking game looked like ours. Derek Belch went 0-4 for the game for the Cardinal. One turnover was an ill advised throw from Clausen and the other 3 were fumbles (one by Schwaap... more on that in a minute). Stanford only turned the ball over twice on interceptions. One of those resulted in a short Irish drive that was capped by a Jimmy Clausen TD run, his 2nd of the year, solidifying his spot as the teams third leading TD rusher after Thomas (5), and Hughes (4). Tommy Zbikowski nabbed his 2nd INT of the year with a nice one handed catch that looked like he would take into the end zone, until he slipped on the turf.

Piece of Schwaap

Once again Asaph Schwaap was given the ball 3 times and kept with his 1 yard average and of course fumbled it away. I have said it before on this site...

Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only
get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass
he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the
ground in
front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls
from the
faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt's name. Maybe Robert Hughes
could get some
P.T. at FB. Try something better.
Something needs done about this.

Behold, The Mighty Slant

I just can not figure out why the Irish didn't throw the slant more often this year. They finally threw one to Kamara for a nice completion with about 1:36 left in the first half for the first time in what I believe was 5 games. "Throw The Slant" should be the motto for the 2008 version of "The Shirt". Timing is a big reason why this play works so well. That and man coverage. And defenses play a lot of man on the Irish because of how much they blitz against ND. This pattern needs to be one of the main focuses of improvement by Jimmy and the WR's this off season. If ND can get this pattern going next year, watch out for a HUGE season from Duval Kamara and maybe even incoming recruit Michael Floyd, as they have the hands and body type for this type of play.

Harbaugh Is Nucking Futs

I figured Harbaugh to be a complete psycho after Pac-10 media day. And I knew he was an asshole because he is also a skunkbear. I didn't know he was a TOTAL dick however. That was cemented after he put Pritchard back in at QB after 1. Pritchard was knocked senseless and limp by Lambert in the head. 2. Ostrander went out of the game. 3. After the medical staff took Pritchards helmet away and shut him down, Jim called upon his services despite looking as groggy as an early Mike Tyson victim. If I was Tavita Pritchards dad, I would have kicked Jims ass. The kid then got hit in the head again by Kerry Neal. It wasn't that hard of a hit but you saw Tavita go limp when it happened. Harbaugh and his "staff" made this comment:

"He was asked a series of questions. The NFL and college football have an
evaluation process that takes place after a hit and he passed that test,"
Harbaugh said. "The doctors made the decision about two plays before T.C. took
the helmet on the elbow that he would be available. Before we put him back in
there, it was confirmed that he was available to go back in."
Lying sack of crap.


In another amazing display of incompetence, the Pac-10 replay booth went clueless again. You all saw it and it has been the most talked about play of the game by the fans. David Grimes was completely robbed of a TD catch. Someone else put these pics together (I'd give credit but I took them from a message board without credit being applied to them)

Not only were there idiots in the booth, but on the field as well. Big East officials flagged Laws on the lateral touchdown run by Tommy Z for a personal foul. I still have not seen what he did. Maybe I'm wrong, but screw 'em.

Farewell Fifth-Years

This game marked the end of a few careers at ND. Most notably: Trevor Laws, Tom Zbikowski, Jon Carlson, and Joe Brockington. I will have a tribute to EACH 5th year senior on later postings from Subway Domer. Until then, Thank -you boys, for all you have given this University and its loyal fan base. Thank-you and we will miss you.

Random Thoughts

  • That was the worst playing surface I have seen in a while. And I was at 4 ND home games this year... so that's saying something.
  • The progress Corwin Brown has made with the defense this year has been outstanding. If he can just get them to tackle. Back to basics boys.
  • Speaking of tackling, we should try to do that on kickoffs. Maybe we didn't have enough chances to work on it this year. Punt coverage is kick ass however. Hmmm
  • The Stanford Axe Keyboard commercial left a puddle in my pants. Nerds.
  • Notre Dame finally won a trophy game.
  • Thank Jesus... Victory!

Ready for a long cold winter?

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Go Packers!

Nov 21, 2007

Jason King of Yahoo

King wrote a pretty fair article about the season and Weis. Take the time and give it a read.

After This Season...This Is So True

Nov 20, 2007

Off The Top Of My Skull

So I know this may be a little late for a Duke recap, but I will give it a shot anyhow. Things suddenly seemed bright and cheery after the win Saturday, but alas this season of infamy rolls on. Here are some thoughts on the Duke game and various other things...

  • That was as dead of a crowd as I have ever been in attendance for at ND stadium. At least for most of the first half. I sat in the student body this year for every game I attended and it always seemed rowdy... except for that first half of Duke. I think we were all in a little bit of a shock that it was 0-0 for most of the half. Why? Because Duke is horrible and we seemed to play that way as well. But then a turnover sparks a TD that gave way for another turnover that created yet another TD. Push ups and pandemonium ensued.
  • More dropped balls. Our WR keep getting the ball in their hands and keep batting it down like it was a mutant mosquito. If Weis wants some pro help, he needs to figure a way for Brett Farve to drill passes at our WR from like 15 yards away. Either they die with a hole in their neck, or they catch the fucking ball. Or Weis might employ wrench throwing. "If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a football!"
  • ACC refs are a joke. Instead of pointing for a first down, Carlson should of pointed his fist into said referee's head. Even in the final minutes, they just couldn't let the teams play and finish it up. Flag.
  • Robert Hughes is a fucking TITAN. I will not let the fact that it was against Duke, discourage me from saying so. He looked the part of a very good running back. A smaller Bettis? Maybe, but a few of his runs reminded me of Reggie Brooks. His balance and determination are astounding. He needs to be our goal line back if Weis insists on using Aldridge, Allen, and Hughes in the rotation. If I see Travis Thomas lineup inside the five yard line against the Trees, I will just die inside knowing Bobby Hughes would score if they just gave him the god damn ball. I will say it again, Reggie Brooks (maybe a bit slower)...
  • Weis put the "Human Planet" Chris Stewart in at Tight End on numerous occasions, and ran away from his side. His belt is the Equator and wears the Tropic of Cancer as a necklace. Let the running backs follow his ass if he is out there.
  • Thank-You NBC for 14 hours of commercial breaks this season. I didn't realize I was watching an infomercial. I thought they were football games.
  • Jimmy Clausen is looking more the part every week. It has been said a million times already this season, but if Clausen adds some bulk to his frame and more strength, he is going to be VERY good. Add some blocking and WR's that catch a ball in their hands, and he is going to be just fine. Fuck it... Clausen for Heisman '09.
  • I always see Brian Smith and Kerry Neal together during pregame. These two are taking a big role in our defense and will be beasts for years to come. I realize everyone is excited about the incoming LB's, but these two aren't going anywhere.
  • I will not say good-bye to the Seniors just yet. They still have 1 more game to go. I will say that Zibby at QB was just sweet. Like super sweet. It was only fitting that Thomas fumbled the ball away after he got the first down. Zibby was driving. And if the Duke coach didn't like it... Fuck Duke!

Nov 13, 2007

NDNation Vent...Zahm Is On Notice

I saw this on NDNation and needed to share it with everyone. LINKLINK

I've often thought that I should send an annual letter to the Observer
In it I would simply offer brief, real-life rebukes to all the recycled douchebaggery that manifests itself in the viewpoint section of the Observer. For example, this year's might read: (Caution: language and irritation) Dear current ND students, Let me save you all a lot of time and typing by summarizing what the world outside 46556 thinks of your issues:
-To the guys wearing the "Gay? Go to hell" shirts: You are giant shitheads whose point--actually wrong, per the catechism--is entirely eclipsed by the sheer failure of your attempt to be clever. You are neither clever nor correct, and I dare you to wear that shirt off the ND campus someday.
-To the folks who annually whine about meat not being served in the dining halls on Lenten Fridays: Get over yourselves. We have a word for you in the real world, and that word is "really fucking annoying." Go to Burger King and get a super-sized helping of go fuck yourself.
-To the students who have written in and called for Weis' firing or to decry the efforts of the football team: Give me your football tickets. I will distribute them to people who aren't complete pussies, and then I will come to your dorm rooms and give you a brief powerpoint presentation about the accomplishments of the Weis era w/r/t the Davie/Willingham eras. There will be a brief Q&A session, followed by me kicking the ever-loving shit out of you.
-To the dipshit students who publicly make fun of St. Mary's women and the St. Mary's women who earnestly defend their honor in this paper: Both of you just stop it. Get together in a dorm room with a couple of cases of cheap beer, turn on a Dave Matthews CD, and hook up with each other. Nothing could be more beneficial to the inter-school dynamic than if you'd all just shut the fuck up and make out.
-To Zahm: You suck. Thank you for continuing to embrace it.
-To anyone who complains about the content of the Keenan Revue: I have added your names and addresses to the subscription lists of the following magazines--Penthouse Forum, MAD Magazine, Model Airplane Monthly, and Dog Fancy. Why? In order, because you need to learn what offensive content really is, you have no sense of humor, you have too much time on your hands, and you're a whiny bitch.
-To those people who write in to decry the Vagina Monologues: If you will simply shut the fuck up, the play will disappear for lack of interest. It's a shitty play regardless of your feelings about it, and no one would ever go see it if it weren't for the constant stream of controversy drummed up by thin-skinned cretins like yourself. Stick a sock in your yammering gob and have some patience, you daft knob.
-To anyone who complains about parietals: You have two options. First, you can transfer to another school where parietals don't exist. I must warn you, though, that people will probably think you're a shithead there too. Secondly, I take it you are aware that you can live off campus? I know you've probably never been invited to a party that wasn't run by Flipside, but there are actually other places to live than under the oppressive regime that is apparently keeping your booming social life under wraps. BTW, I actually lied--your third option is to realize that a whiny little faux-activist dipshit like you won't ever have to worry about breaking parietals, you miserable prat.
-To the ladies and wanna-be ladies writing in about the sexism inherent in the Victory March: We get it. We really do. We just want you to understand that the song was written by Jesus almost 2000 years ago, before women were admitted to Notre Dame and before you had the right to vote or hold property. As such, it's grandfathered into the category of "things that don't get touched by the PC police" along with "Blazing Saddles" and the right of men to pull one another's fingers before farting. If you want to change the words to the fight song, take it up with Jesus. He lives on the library. In the meantime, sing the fucking song however you want to sing it and shut the fuck up about it already.
-To the few remaining fartsniffers who are against the ROTC presence on ND's campus: Nobody likes war, but shit happens and not everything in this world is puppy dogs and ice cream. And if somebody has to be in command of a Trident submarine or a B-2 with nuclear weapons, I want that somebody to be the guy down the hall from me at ND and not some military automaton from State U (or a wishy-washy hippie like you). It will be a cosmic event if you wankers grasp what I've said, but barring that I order you to pull out your credit cards and pay for the students who otherwise couldn't afford to go to school here if not for ROTC funding. Doing so will prevent, or at least delay, the impending ass-kicking I plan to deliver unto you.
Giggity_Giggity, ND '98

Nov 12, 2007

Things Are Getting Weird In South Bend

So bad, pregnant men

roam the sidelines in

Notre Dame Stadium.

This is the most messed up college football season... ever. Don't believe me? Just go look at the BCS standings and get back to me. I'll wait. Looks a little strange doesn't it. Add that to being a Fighting Irish Football fanatic and my brain is melting.
There is not a whole lot to say about being this bad, but I might as well note some of the things that caught my eye Saturday versus Air Force.

  • Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass that he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the ground in front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls from the faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt's name. Maybe Robert Hughes could get some P.T. at FB. Try something better.
  • Duval Kamara was out due to an academic problem that is now resolved. Resolved because he IS our best WR and 8 balls were dropped. (No accusations just irony)
  • Trevor Laws is a beast. The team who snags Laws in the NFL draft is going to be VERY happy. Laws leads all D-Lineman in the country in tackles.
  • Jimmy Clausen needs time. Not just time to develop, but time to throw the ball. Sacked a million times again... Clausen will die of brain trauma at age 22 at this rate. The times when he has good protection are the plays we have max protect and are only send 2 WR on routes. Air Force coaches DOMINATED Weis. Whenever we went max protect, they sat back in a 5 man zone. sigh.
  • Hammond and Hayden. Just awful.
  • Weis continues to amaze me with his play calling. It is like playing a 12 year old in NCAA 2008. Going for 4th down instead of punting and I'm still pissed about last week. Even the 12 year old would have kicked the FG.
  • If Aldridge was only hit waist to helmet, he would win the Heisman someday. He always seems one ankle tackle away.
  • Robert Hughes needs to be our goal line RB. Thomas is done and lacks the violence Hughes brings out there that is needed in those situations.
  • We lost to 2 service academies. Things aren't just weird they're fucked up.

If you are looking for some positive notes, remember that National Signing Day is less than 3 months away. I will have a full report on the incoming class with Subway Domer's Irish Lads: 2008 Recruiting Spectacular. I did the same for the 2007 class. And after that, I will follow it up with my report and twist on The State Of Recruiting. With every major recruiting service having Notre Dame as the #1 class for 2008 right now, it will be interesting to see if the Irish maintain their recruits into signing day... and develop them.

Nov 10, 2007


From McStug on Irish Illustrated's 4 Horseman Lounge.

Nov 9, 2007

Air Force Cheats

How else do you explain this picture?

First they use aerial recon against us during the U$C game, and then they sneak attack us with a sub assault from the Navy. Bastards.



Let's Finish This

Over the past few weeks, this blog and my e-mail account has been filling up with hate notes. Some of you out there are having a hard time dealing with reality and quite honestly, are acting like a bunch of asses. Why? Because in your warped minds, you have somehow come to the conclusion that Subway Domer is a Weis hater. In your peanut sized brains, you put criticism in line with hate. How misguided you are. Are you the ones that would cry like a baby in practice because a coach would yell at you when you screwed up? I'm guessing that you were. It is quite funny that the same coach you defend so adamantly, is the kind of guy who would yell at you for your mistakes and drop you down about 50 notches.

So, let me state what I thought rational people would gather from the few posts that I have ripped into Charlie.

  1. I like Charlie Weis.
  2. I believe in Charlie Weis.
  3. I want Charlie Weis as our Head Coach.

I have never once, in any post on Subway Domer or on any message board (subwaydomer26 and skelaton26 are my screen names) said that Weis is no good or that I think that he should be fired. That kind of insanity is well... insane. But I'll get to that in a moment.

I truly believe in what Charlie is trying to do with the program. I just think that he has made some mistakes along the way. What do we expect? Nobody is perfect and Charlie is the type of coach who will learn from these mistakes. Remember, his only other Head Coaching gig was for a high school in New Jersey a long time ago. (The exact date escapes me and I am on too much of a roll to look it up). But none of that doesn't mean that he can't be criticized for his mistakes! Personal attacks may be a bit much, but call me the "kettle" and Weis the "pot" then. Anger has its ways of putting words into peoples mouths and on computer screens. Charlie is a "Jersey Guy", he can take it. He will get this program moving in the right direction after this season. It is what so many Irish followers have stated already, The perfect storm. Tough schedule, bad recruiting with the upperclassmen, and a total lack of experience with most of our players on the 2 deep roster. Add that with being Notre Dame and getting the best game from every team that plays you because, you are ND... and it all adds up to this nightmare 1-8 season.

Now for all you Weis HATERS. You are worse than the others. At least those people are loyal to the program. You on the other hand, have no idea what a Weis firing would do to this program. It would BURY it. No hope for like 4 -6 years. Think Faust only worse. You are the fair weather pricks I despise with every ounce of my being. You are the rats that tear apart the weak and jump ship when the seas are rough. I hate you. Please go away. the good news for me and others like me is that Weis isn't going anywhere. You may cry all you want right now, but Charlie is the Head Coach of ND. And that's the way I like it.

Nov 7, 2007

Jimmy's Back

Clausen will get the start over Evan Sharpley versus Air Force.

Nov 5, 2007

Stream Of Unconsciousness

My 11th and 12th grade C.P. English teacher had a writing exercise for us students called "The Stream of Consciousness." Basically, we took 10 minutes and wrote down anything and everything that came to mind. Because I do not have the stomach to write anything worthwhile about the game versus Navy, this is all I can muster... unconsciously.


  • This team can't tackle for shit.
  • Navy deserves credit, and Charlie Weis deserves blame.
  • Why did we try to run the clock down with Navy the entire game?
  • I started to make a list of all the big plays that helped decide this game. To my dismay, I stopped around number 18.
  • This was a great game to watch. Kind of. Any game ND loses is bad and this was to Navy.
  • We just lost to NAVY.
  • Kick the bloody field goal fat man.
  • 1-8. I am allowed to call Weis out.
  • I will also stick by Weis. If not him then who?
  • I liked the way we ran the ball. Of course, so has every other Navy opponent this year.
  • Robert Hughes deserved that TD. In all my years and of all the games I have gone to, that TD was the only one that put chills up my spine and a tear to my eye. R.I.P. Earl Hughes. Little brother is going to be O.K.
  • Fuck all you Zibby haters. He put us in the position for Weis to make a horrible call to NOT kick the FG.
  • Headbutts and Groin Kicks might have seen their last days. My head hurts and I have a high ankle sprain.
  • I wanted to punch every fan, as I left the stadium, and heard so many of them say "At least the game was competitive." And then my wife said it. I love my wife. I love my wife.
  • Pass interference on Walls. And I'm a Gator fan.
  • NBC is the Ant-Christ. Nothing but absolute evil would torture so many with their thirst for TV timeouts.
  • This may be the best college football season ever. AND WE ARE 1-8!!! Something is screwy.
  • I hear we will be underdogs to AFA. Wake me up and tell me Quinn is still taking snaps for the Irish.
  • We are 1-8 and still able to give ESPN front page news.
  • A radio "personality" said Weis was arrogant for trying to score a TD instead of kicking the field goal. It was STUPID... not arrogant dipshit.
  • How many guys are going to leave? Aldridge was quoted after the game in an interview and said" This is the only place I want to be." O.K. What about everybody else?
  • Indiana is going to a bowl game. NOTRE DAME IS 1-8!!!
  • I like what I am seeing from the freshman and most of the sophomores.
  • B.C. lost to FSU. Sweet justice.
  • #34 sack on Sharpley in mid-air. Fucking sick.
  • At least we don't have to hear any more about "The Streak" It's over and it has been due now for over a decade.
  • This sucks.
  • Congratulations to the Naval Academy. Now go find Bin Laden.
  • This sucks.
  • Go Irish!!!

Nov 2, 2007

Short And Simple

From McStug on Irish Illustrated's 4 Horseman Lounge.

Nov 1, 2007

From the Mind of $crot

The Irish MUST beat Navy on Saturday. They must beat them and then piss on them while they are down. A loss to Navy would snap a 43-game winning streak, which is the longest winning streak against one team. A loss to Navy would be the ultimate slap in the face to every Irish fan that still tunes in each and every Saturday. A loss to Navy will bring out even more columns, questioning the job that Charlie Weis is doing.

Navy is ranked 114th in the country in scoring defiense. The Irish are ranked 118th in scoring offense, so something has got to give. Navy is going to run the hell out of the ball and the Irish have to stop them and force many third and long situations. I am confident that our corners can rise to the occiasion. The offense needs to play mistake-free football on saturday. No stupid penalties and no turnovers.


Oct 30, 2007

Why Games At ND Are Better

Visitors do not have to endure this kind of BS. (Warning: Violence and lots of swearing)
I have no love for the Buckeyes, but the PSU students are cowards that will be dealt with the next time they are in Columbus. I live in Ohio dicks.

Fifth Year Scenario

Since Mo Crum decided to stay for a fifth year, a lot of talk around the message boards has been centered around the team next year and who should go and who should stay. Irish Glory did a very good piece on the 7 players that are eligible for a fifth year (Mo Crum, Terrail Lambert, Justin Brown, Junior Jabbie, Anthony Vernaglia, Darrin Bragg and Leo Ferrine). Well I'm here to lay out a few detail missing from some fans brains, along with some insight on how things might shape up.

If we have the scholarships available, Weis will ask the guys to stay a fifth year. Simple as that. He stated as much back in August when he handed out multiple scholarships to walk-on players. He thinks the numbers will start to be more in line starting next year. Translation: 85 scholarship players means 85 scholarship caliber players.

Back in July when Steve Filer committed to Notre Dame, the Irish had their full load of NCAA allotted scholarships accounted for 2008 and it would take away one spot for a potential fifth year guy. Since then ND has had 3 transfers (Jones, Reuland, and Carufel) and two commits (Gray and Floyd). This then means that ND is now sitting on its 85 and any recruit committing from here on after would eat up a spot for those fifth year players. As of right now, Weis would have a spot for all 7 players if ND didn't receive another commit for the 2008 incoming class.

I believe there are only 6 potential commits for the Irish left that they have a legitimate chance at getting their pledge. Trevor Robinson (OL), Deion Walker (WR), Jonathon Baldwin (WR), Kenneth Page (OL), Gerrel Robinson (ATH/WR), and Chris Harper (ATH/WR/QB). Of these prospects I believe the Irish will land no more than 3 of them. Which ones? I don't know, but for arguments sake, let's say Trevor Robinson, Gerell Robinson, and Kenneth Page. This of course means that ND can only get 4 of the 7 potential fifth year players back. If that is the case, look for Ferrine and Bragg to definitely be out. The other guy is on Charlie's list and it should be between Vernaglia and Jabbie. Their least need will be the next guy out. ND is loaded in numbers at LB and RB, so it could go either way.

Some of you are calling for just about all of the 7 guys that could potentially return, to be gone. This is as stupid as it gets. If they stay, they do nothing but good for the program. They take away 0 scholarships for the 2009 class and provide MUCH needed depth and leadership for what is still a young team. And another tidbit. Tom Lemming has mentioned that he sees up to 5 guys transferring at the end of the season. He has provided no proof as something like that is more of a gut feeling. However, if some guys do defect, any scholarships that they leave behind will be available to those guys that want to return for a fifth year. And if that is the case, Weis will want them to return. It's a matter of numbers.

Oct 25, 2007

Saving The Program

So it has come to this. A 1-7 season with 4 games remaining. Certainly this is not the start most Irish fans had envisioned for this year. Even for those who were that pessimistic, I'm sure they wouldn't of imagined that our offense would be on the brink of being labeled as the worst in 9 years at the division 1-A (I refuse to name it by its new title) level. Saving the season has been an anthem for the last 3-4 weeks, but that has been snuffed out by the likes of Purdue, USC, and Boston College. Saving the season would have meant a berth in a bowl game. Any bowl game would have sufficed, but now that is a distant memory less than a week after its final blow handed by the Trojans. What is the battle cry now? Easy. Save the program.

So now you're thinking this may be a little melodramatic. And on the surface it may very well be, but at the root of the matter it is very much the reality. Notre Dame is a program that has lasted over a century. It has survived its share of bad seasons and its share of glory. The future of the program lies in what Charlie Weis and his players can accomplish in the next 4 games, on national signing day, spring ball, and in fall camp. Let me explain...

Over the next four games the Irish will be facing opponents that very well may be favored over Notre Dame, but are definitely beatable and could be handled in impressive fashion. The bye week could not of been in a better spot for the Irish this year. Navy runs a triple option and the extra time it takes to relearn how to defend this attack will be much needed. The Navy defense is horrible and if the offensive line can get going against the smallest defensive front the Irish have seen this year, they should FINALLY be able to move the ball up and down the field on the Midshipmen. Although the Irish have struggled this year defending the run, I believe with the proper coaching from Corwin Brown on defending against the option, ND can slow down the Middies and walk out he victors. So they beat Navy, now on to Air Force at home. Air Force is having a decent season and is already bowl eligible. ND has had problems in the past with mobile QB's and Carney put up very good numbers last year versus ND. They are however a lot like Navy talent wise and if ND is physical enough, they could handle AFA with pounding the ball and playing stout defense. Duke is the final home game of the year and again, they will not have as much talent on the field as the Irish and depending upon the progress of the last two games, should win. Then comes Stanford. The Cardinal could be in a position to be bowl eligible with a win over the Irish. This sounds very familiar to 2005 when they needed a victory to go bowling and nearly got it, if it weren't for a last minute drive by Quinn and Walker to put ND ahead for good. This is the team that beat USC so a win over ND would not come as a surprise to many. To put itself in good position in the off season ND must win at least 3 of these games. Four would be ideal and would give the program a head of steam going into spring ball. Also, if Weis has a worse season record than Ty did in 2003, it will make it quite uncomfortable for all involved.

National Signing Day. Right now the Irish have the #1 class for 2008 according to all major recruiting services. Not only have they landed top talent, but have filled huge needs at linebacker and on the defensive line. But as we saw last year, things can change quickly. To ensure that momentum from the four game winning streak, ND must keep all of its current verbals intact and pick up a few more, most notably guys such as Trevor Robinson, Ken Page, and Gerrell Robinson. This class has the potential to be the best (if it isn't already) since Lou Holtz coached ND. Finish strong.

Spring Ball. No bowl game means a loss of practice time for a young team that desperately needs more. Spring practice becomes even more important next year as ND HAS to find its identity on both sides of the ball. This means that the Irish have to establish a clear depth chart for ALL of its positions and of course come out healthy. Weis has eluded to having a more physical spring that would also include the QBs being live game. Feast or famine. One thing is clear, constant improvement for the young players as ND will still be in need of them to step up and contribute meaningfully.

Fall camp. With what should be an established depth chart from the spring, this needs to be the time to let the players mold themselves into cohesive units with leadership emerging from its captains as well as its other starters. Compete ion every day for their spot and physical practices should help ND get prepared for the season to come. Staying healthy with full contact is a risk , but it can be very rewarding in the end.

Put all of these things together and ND should have a successful season next year. I'm not saying BCS bound, but going to a bowl game and WINNING, will set this program off into overdrive in 2009 and beyond. That's saving the program. The program of Charlie Weis. If he fails, who will come and save it? Trust these words: more than likely, NO ONE. Remember all of those that spurned the job before Weis' hire. He can save the program and is still trying to do so with a team that had issues still from Willingham. Should Notre Dame fall on its face for the rest of this year and put up another dismal year, we could be seeing a LONG trek back to the top despite having good talent. I feel that ND can and will continue to improve and make its way back to elite status, I have to believe it.
Originally Posted On Notre Dame Fans of New England Newsletter by Subway Domer.

Oct 23, 2007

My Name Is Jonas!

Jonas Gray is Irish. After decommitting from Nebraska just a short while ago, the Detroit running back made a new commitment to Charlie Weis after being courted by Corwin Brown (this guys recruiting skills are just sick).
The 5'10" 215 pound back is the 21st commit for Notre Dame for the 2008 incoming class. He turned down offers from Florida, Wisconsin, and of course MICHIGAN! This is becoming the BEST freshman class since the days of Holtz.
$crot wanted a "Todd" like player, and I think the Irish just got one. After watching his game film, one name came instantly to mind... Julius Jones. He has great speed and an extra gear that he uses to either explode through a hole or to pull away from defenders. This is definitely a fantastic pick up by the Irish.
Nebraska's loss is certainly our gain. Jonas Gray may not be the only one to head to South Bend from the Cornhusker commitment list. Trevor Robinson (OT) and Will Compton (LB) are interested in the Irish as well. Robinson has already decommitted from Nebraska and Compton may still pick up a late offer from Notre Dame if he decides to decommit from the Cornhuskers as well. This is not a "Urban" legend. (If you didn't understand that reference, I'm talking about poaching). While Robinson is a HUGE need, Compton would be icing on the cake for an already solid linebacker haul (if not the best in the country).
At any rate, Gray is a welcome addition for Notre Dame as it continues to improve on its depth at every position. Depth = Competition = Production.
Welcome to Notre Dame Jonas!!!

From the Mind of $crot

Well, another loss to a pretty good team. I taped the game to see if I could pinpoint what was going on. After breaking down the film, I have finally come to the conclusion that this season is a trainwreck. The Irish will finish with one victory and we're going to have to hear about it....nuff said.

You might be wondering what this handsome gentleman to your left has to do with anything. He's Notre Dame's savior. We need more guys like Todd. Guys that will whoop your ass for spilling beer on their good jeans. Guys that will kick your ass, take your girlfriend and bone her right in front of you. These guys suiting up each week are soft. They don't start pregame fights in the tunnel. How can you expect to intimidate people if you're soft. The ghosts of the Four Horsemen don't scare anyone anymore. Gone are guys like Zorich and Stonebreaker, whose names alone scare you. They are Todd guys.

With all due respect to the Subway Domer (becuase he allows me to write for him), I don't want to know about anymore commitments unless they are bonafide "Todd Guys". Over and out.

Oct 22, 2007

Pretty Boy Floyd

Finally. Irish Fans have been waiting on this day since offers went out last year. Notre Dame is still going full speed on the recruiting trail despite its lack of steam on the field. 5 star wide receiver, Michael Floyd, committed to the Irish over the weekend.

The Irish won out over Ohio State, Minnesota, Florida, and of course... Michigan, for the talented wideout from Minnesota.

This gives the Irish their 20th verbal commitment for the incoming 2008 class, and solidifies their number 1 ranking on both and recruiting services.

Back in July, I wrote a piece that discussed how important Floyd was to the future of this team as well as 3 others in Newman, Filer, and Flemming. Take the time to read it again... I'll wait.

Along with John Goodman, this is already an excellent haul at WR for the Irish. Floyd has been their number one guy from the start at this position and it could get better with guys such as Walker, Baldwin, Harper, and Robinson in the mix as well. One more of those 3 would give the Irish the players at WR they were looking for from last year when they lost out to Greg Little and "Don't call me Regis" Benn.

Other Recruiting Tidbits...

  • 3 other prospects ( Trevor Robinson, Kenneth Page, and Jonas Gray) had a visit with the Irish on Saturday.
  • Robinson and Gray are both Nebraska commits that are now wavering after seeing the sinking ship that is Cornhusker football.
  • Page has said that his visit was great and ND is rising fast on his list.

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... Post $C Rant

  • David Bruton. He is the Irish's best special teams player and safety. When he was out of the game for a leg injury, you could tell the difference. Best gunner in the entire universe.
  • Micheal Floyd. Thanks bud. Your first headbutt.

Groin Kicks

  • Pete "The Poodle" Carroll. You are a dick. Challenging a reception in the final minutes for no reason, other than to be a dick. Transforming into a fortune teller and spouting off predictions of ND's demise post-game (however true it might be), means you are a dick. And for just being a dick... means you are a dick.
  • NBC. Get the game over with. No one, outside of true fanatics, was watching this ass whooping after the 3rd quarter. Those ads mean shit. I hate you. And yet... I need you.
  • The whole damn Irish football team. I mean seriously, I didn't want to vent, but after 5 concussions from beating my head against the wall I think I need to say something. 4 more games to get your shit together and make SOMETHING out of this season.
  • Charlie Weis. QUIT HANDING THE BALL OFF TO SCHWAAP!!! I can handle an anemic running game knowing that our line is playing soft, but even 1 carry to Asaph is 1 too many. Tell him to block someone first.
  • Subway Domer. Another week of piss poor performance by the Emperor of the Subway Alumni (disprove it) because, I'm not sure how much I have left in the tank. I'd promise better, but that might be a lie such as the one being told about ANY improvement on the offensive side of the ball. sigh

Oct 16, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... B.C. 2007

  • Brian Smith. This kid is going to be a good one. We have heard that line all week... and I like it. KABOSH!
  • Evan Sharpley. The kid comes in and good things happen. Take that 1 off of his jersey and he might remind you of another QB coming off of the bench. Well, at least a little bit.
  • Trevor Laws. He should receive a headbutt every hour on the hour for what he means to this team. KABOSH!
  • Robby Parris. Samardzija didn't break out until his junior year. Robby is a sophomore and reminds a lot of people of Jeff. Personally, I think he looks like Bob.

Groin Kicks

  • Charlie Weis. I have a lot of reasons this week, but one will suffice. Does opening up an offense begin with the same lame swing passes and dive plays? I think not... swift kick to the junk.
  • Silva. Get a fucking haircut, hippie.
  • Fredo Fans. You suck. And your dialect is amusing to no one.
  • NBC. Seriously, does ND get that big of a check that you feel the need for 44 extra minutes of commercials?
  • Jaghjghjgdasofdski. Your reaction to one second remaining in the game was pathetic. Don't worry big boy, the refs you brought were paid well and can not add 14 points to ND's total with only a second remaining. Boston College is the right fit for you. Dick.
  • Those psychotic, fat pocketed, prick refs. Turk finally blocks a guy (the first all year) and he gets penalized for it. Made my day. One kick for each of your nuts. That's a double nut smash.

Oct 15, 2007

From the Mind of $crot

October 15, 2007

God damn, another loss. My liver really can’t take much more. Did Evan Sharpley look like a man on a mission, or what? I couldn’t decide if it was him or Tony Romo out there. Evan played with the kind of urgency that you would expect of a junior fighting to win a QB job. I was very impressed the way he moved when the pocket collapsed. Jimmy “Cinder Block Feet” Claussen needs to really take notice. However, Sharpley was terrible throwing the deep ball. For ND to be successful the QB’s have to be able to get the ball down field to the speed burners and let them make something happen. Remember how Quinn would just get the ball near Samardzija or Stovall and let them go get it? That’s what this team needs.

One thing that no one is talking about is the quality teams ND is suiting up against each week. The total record of their seven opponents is 35-13. That’s not even including our next three opponents USC (5-1), Navy (4-2) and Air Force (5-2). The top two teams in the BCS are playing cupcakes. Ohio State’s seven wins have come against teams with a total record of 23-25. Three of those seven wins are against a 1-AA school and two MAC schools. Don’t even get me started on South Florida, whose opponent’s records total 22-16. The BCS is a joke.

Another guy transferred? No big deal, just weeding out the sissies.