Sep 26, 2007

Purdue Is The Whiny Bitch Of Indiana

Of all the colleges and universities in Indiana, one stands out at the biggest bitch. Purdue. Some people have described their alumni and fan base as having middle-child syndrome, when in fact, Purdue has been playing 3rd fiddle for what seems like forever.

It must be hard for Purdue. When football rolls around it's all about the Irish. Then basketball comes and everyone is talking about the Hoosiers. Does Purdue even have any aspirations of being more than just a little bitch that tries to feel better about itself by kicking a GIANT when its down? Probably not. They are who they are... whiny bitches. But can you blame them? Their best seasons aren't even National Title caliber seasons. They have NONE.

Funny thing about the Boilers this year, they are 4-0 and nobody is talking about them. Of course when you play 2 MAC schools, a Div 1-AA school, and major Big Ten Conference opponent Minnesota (what a fucking joke Tim Brewster is), what does one expect. Unless of course you are Michigan and Ohio State.

Which brings me to another reason why Purdue is a whiny bitch. Unlike their bigger, badder conference foes, Purdue hides behind The Big Integer as if it actually means something to be a part of that collection of underachievers. Seriously, win a National Title in my lifetime or my great grand children's lifetime or sometime before Touchdown Jesus comes back for the Apocalypse.

You will never be as loved as ND.
You will never be as feared as ND.
You will never be as hated by the masses because of being the fucking shit for like ever like ND.

You are a whiny bitch.
You are a 3rd tier team in your beloved Big Ten Plus One That Makes It An Integer Conference.
You have a big drum. Yea!

Obvious Boiler Fan Breaking Down.


Anonymous said...

Be critical all you want. But childish name-calling and needless profanity when talking about an opponent is beneath what Our Lady and the Fighting Irish stand for. You make us look bad. You convert the reasons ND-haters hate us from illegitimate to legitimate. Shame on you.

SubwayDomer26 said...

Actually, Irish swear...A LOT.

Anonymous said...

Go flog your log.

Weiss is the best ND coach for Purdue since the oust Faust days.

The shillelagh will be Purdue's.

Beetle said...

Is this anonymous poster a Purdue fan? Sorry, but Weis is 2-0 against the Sissymakers.

Quote the Scrotum, nevermore.

Anonymous said...

BTW the Mets suck the hog too.

Tulow rookie of the year.

Holliday MVP.

Go Rockies 10 and counting.

Irish_Wertzy said...

Actually, Purdue only has the third biggest drum, according to Wikipedia:'s_Largest_Drum

So sad for the little girls.

Beetle said...

Not only is the anonymous one a Pur-don't fan, but he/she is also 12. Boy, those Rockies have quite a storied past.


Anonymous said...

Put another P on the shillelagh 5-0 Ohio State will be interesting this week.

Mets are also chumps. Worst choke going into playoffs ever.

Hope springs eternal for next year.

I could do without the Boiler beefcake photos also. Not sure who in the AD was responsible, bad form.

BTW the trophy section of your blog is probably the best I have seen. The photos of the prizes is very good.

May the road rise to meet you.