Sep 28, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... Boiler Week

  • Jimmy Clausen. Your predecessor straight up OWNED Purdue. In fact, Quinn threw for more yards against Purdue than any other QB has done to any team in all of history.Or so I've been told by ESPN radio. Everyone knows Weis wants to run the football, and we should, but Jimmy can be the tipping point for the victory here.
  • Offensive line. Are you foaming at the mouth yet? Purdue's schedule has been soft and their run D has been suspect. Time to get it clicking by knocking dicks into the dirt and protecting our boy Jimmy.
  • Darrin Walls. Time for redemption from last years game.
  • Weis. You OWN Tiller... keep it that way.
  • All Irish fans traveling to the game. Be many and be loud.

Groin Kicks

  • Ben Smith from Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette. Screw you. You are a hack who can never decide if you are a fiction writer, sports writer, or bearded fairy. Rothstein should stomp your nuts.
  • Drum bangers. You say its the worlds largest drum, fact says it is the 3rd largest. Liars.
  • Tiller. Go sell some oatmeal and life insurance to geriatrics... and stay the hell away from Endor.
  • All Purdue fans. Your time is up.

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