Sep 17, 2007

New Offensive Line Commits

Rakes of Mallow put out an AD for new players and it worked. My underground recruiting network unveiled 5 new commits.

Right Tackle

Right Guard


Left Guard

Left Tackle

And now an interview with new Left Tackle commit; Chewbacca.

Subway Domer: So Chewy, may I call you that?

Chewbacca: Auurrggh

SD: Thanks. Chewy, why now? Why Notre Dame?

CB: Aurg Aurgh Aurrgh. Mpfh.

SD: I see. So early playing time was key in your decision. Do you think that because of your previous experience in guarding Han Solos back that it gives you an edge in protecting Jimmy's blind side?

CB: Aurgh mpfh mewfh.

SB: So you thought the beat down Jimmy took the last 2 games was inexcusable? How did that make you feel seeing Jimmy lay there with no one to help him up after they blew their 1,987,492nd blocking assignment?

CB: *sniff*snort* Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

SD: Do you love Jimmy?

CB: (nods head up and down)

SD: Did you know that just recently, The Incredible Hulk, Sloth, The Thing, and Thor all verbally committed to coach Weis?

CB: Mpfh. hahaha.

SD: So you did know, and are excited. Me too buddy. Maybe these guys will understand the meaning of TEAM and put an emphasis on playing hard. What do you think?

CB: Aurgh, aurgh mphhf aug mpfh aug.

SD: Thanks Chewy.

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