Jun 5, 2007

Omar Hunter Is Not A Skunkbear

Omar Hunter, the 6'2" 295 pound defensive tackle from Buford Georgia announced his commitment to Notre Dame for the incoming class of 2008 yesterday. Omar chose the Irish over a host of other schools such as; LSU, Florida, Auburn, and...wait for it... Meetchicken.

While this is a very big surprise of sorts, it should be noted that this is not the only battle won on the recruiting grounds by the Irish staff versus the skunkbears. Notre Dame has received commitments from 6 other prospects that Michigan has tried to lure to the land up north. Braxton Cave, Darius Flemming, Dayne Crist, Kyle Rudolph, Walter (A.K.A. John Goodman), and Lane Clelland were all offered and recruited heavily by Mr. Manboobs, Lllloyd Carr. The staff is doing quite a nice job of convincing these young men that "fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life."

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Omar is happy to be Irish...And so are we!!! Welcome to ND Omar!!!


Sir John said...

Boy the one picture instantly scares me. The smiling omar destroys that image.

Sir john said...

Nice new shot of the guard