Sep 24, 2007

A Chat With Demetrius

While at the game Saturday, I was surprised as I looked to my left and saw former Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones. I quickly went from surprise to inquisitive. I wished DJ good luck in the future and asked him a few questions. I was kind of took back at what he said and how he acted. Here is a run down of those events. Please allow me to paraphrase as I did not have a recorder or pen with me.

  • He came down to my seat which was right in front of the Vonage pre/post game booth.
  • His main concern was contacting sideline reporter Alex Flanagan (right name?)
  • He saw her on the phone and told me quite arrogantly, See that pretty lady on the phone? I bet you she's trying to get a hold of me.
  • As the team left the field for halftime, he yelled out at a few players. Aldridge was the only one to wave at him.
  • As Weis walked by he asked me Do you think I could hit Weis's fat head with this phone? He muttered something else as he laughed about what he just said.
  • Frustrated with not being able to contact Alex with his phone, he asked to borrow mine. Intrigued about what was going on, I let him use it and now I have her number saved... for future use.
  • Said he wished she wasn't pregnant. That's one fine lady.
  • When asked about his departure he stated, You saw what happened on the field. Everyone did. I mean its just a bunch of shit.
  • He was finally able to get the reporter by having an usher stop her and tell her to look up.
  • She looked surprised to see him and pointed at him to come down to talk with her.
  • He left.

I'm not sure what to make of this but he sounded like there was a LOT of hard feelings toward Weis. He did seem genuinely concerned about the team. However, it was clear to me that he wanted, or needed, even more of the spotlight on him.

Please remember this is just a paraphrasing that I put together as best I could. I am not trying to kick the kid, just relaying to you what I heard and saw.

Photos by Jon Hauenstein.


CNY_Domer said...

It is a shame...could have made a name for himself amongst the faithful. Now he is just embarrassing himself. Who shows up to a football game of the team that he left hanging in his jersey none the less. Just another kid trying to get his 15mins. Too bad "seemed" like a good kid.

sir john said...

I said he was 'bleep' when he came out of Chicago, is bleep now and will always be bleep. he really talks like an intelligent college student doesn't he. Demi your road kill and only have yorself to blame.

subwayinfla said...

As for DJ's question: Do you think I could hit Weis's fat head with this phone? The answer, based on how DJ throws a football, No!
ND should thank its lucky stars he's gone. What a jackass!

Anonymous said...

Good for him. Now he gets to play for some team called NIU. That and a beer will get him a ticket somewhere.