Sep 18, 2007

Roster Moves?

Training camp huh. Well from what I remember from training camps , they decide who the starters will be for the season. And unlike the camp they had in August, this one is a full blown ass kicking. Full pads, full contact. This may be the most important week for the Irish this year.

Here is a look at what may be the starting Offense and Defense come Saturday. These are strictly hunches and a small wishlist, but what the hell else do we have?

  • QB- Clausen
  • FB- Schwaap
  • RB- Aldridge
  • WR- Parris
  • WR- West
  • WR- Kamara
  • LT- Young
  • LG- Olsen
  • C- Sullivan
  • RG- Carufel
  • RT- Duncan
  • TE- Carlson

There should be a change to a more power style offense. Think more I-formations and 2 tight sets with Yeatman on the other side and more throws designed to go to the tight end. I feel Weis will try to get the running game into focus and base the Air attack off of that, with more play action and a continuing trend of screens. No Grimes? I'm not sure about David. He may see less playing time if his first two steps off the line don't get any better. Weis may also want bigger body receivers such as Parris and Kamara in to help with run blocking on the edge. The line is antibody's guess, and I'm probably wrong about Duncan... I just hope I'm not.


  • DE- Brown
  • DE- Laws
  • NT- Kuntz
  • LOLB- S. Smith
  • ILB- Crum
  • ILB- Brockington
  • ROLB- Vernaglia
  • CB- Lambert
  • CB- Walls
  • S- Bruton
  • S- Zbikowski
  • NB- NcNeil

This doesn't look too different but looks can bee deceiving. John Ryan has to be replaced. He just is not physical enough or athletic enough... which makes you wonder why he was out there to begin with. Scott Smith is listed as an inside LB but I remember in August Corwin Brown said he could be used on the outside as well. Also another thing to consider, is that we may be in more 4-3 sets this week as MSU is more of a running team than in the past. If that's the case, multiple personnel groupings will be used and Toryan Smith and Dwight Stephenson will be used more frequently. I actually think that when the Irish go to a more conventional 4-3 (as they do on running downs) Crum, Brockington, and Toryan Smith should be on the field together. Also, Ambrose Wooden will more than likely be replaced as the Nickel back by Raeshon McNeil. Wooden is playing like he runs a 5.5 40 time. He is thinking too much and it is slowing him down. McNeil looks more fluid out there and should give the Irish more of what they need out of the Nickel spot.

Once again, these are just guesses. The main idea is that there should be, and WILL be, changes amongst the starters on both sides of the ball. Perhaps Weis will divulge into what these changes might be on Thursday, but then again... we've been down this road before.

A little humor might be in order for this season. So with that in mind, here's a video I saw on Youtube and laughed my ass off watching it. I hope it can do the same for you.


Anonymous said...

Luke Schmidt is far better as FB.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Luke will be there at FB. Schwapp hasn't shown me anything.

SubwayDomer26 said...

I would too. I'm jusyt not sure the coaches will.