Sep 24, 2007

Reuland To Transfer

Konrad Reuland is leaving Notre Dame. No word on where he is going to transfer to. This is the 3rd player to transfer this year and all of them were from this sophomore class (Frazer and Jones).


CNY_Domer said...

Subway Domer,

Not that big of a deal. Still have Carlson, Yeatman, and Ragone. Not to mention Rudolph and Fauria are coming in next year. "Depth" Just another sign a heathly growing football program

SubwayDomer26 said...

Watch out for his brother to decommit from Stanford and go to a program with Konrad. Just a hunch. And you are crrect cny on the depth issue. It is still a shame though... no more Ivan Drago references.

Anonymous said...

The snowball is starting to build. When you get blown out by Purdue and start losing commitments, then the fun really begins in South Bend. ND... locked into a coach and a five-star QB that they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I have little problem with him transferring. On Saturday against MSU Weis used 3 Tight End sets and he was not one of the tight ends in the game. He just realized that he was never going to see the field with the kind of depth that ND has at tight end and the talent coming in. If anything, this just affirmed the verbal of Rudolph and and Fauria that much more. Hopefully it will not be viewed as someone jumping ship b/c of the poor play. I cant blame a kid for wanting to play. But kids transfer way too much these days. If you want to play, WORK HARDER.