May 29, 2008


The most accurate pre-season magazine for the past 9 years has Notre Dame ranked 19th. What the fuck? Has Phil Steele gone fucking nuts? Or is he a certifiable motherfucking genius? Screw Einstein! I'll take the Man of Steele.

Weis Presser Video

Weis talking about his trip...

May 28, 2008

Two For One

The Irish depth chart gets a little shakeup this week. Defensive End Pat Kuntz and Tight End Will Yeatman are back with the Irish. Which is a huge. Most fans expected them to return, but nothing is final until it is... well, final. These two are returning as the most likely starters at their positions. (Yeatman plays a different type of TE than Ragone. Both will have ample playing time.)

The Irish do lose a player, however, in redshirt freshman ILB Aaron Nagel. Nagel has decided to transfer to another school as he felt that he was buried on the depth chart.

Here is a link to a free article at about Nagel's decision.

The only comment I have is a small warning. The Irish are walking into 2008 with 7 unused scholarships after Nagel leaves. People talk about how transfers are a sign of a healthy program... The lesser quality players leave and it opens up scholarships for more elite prospects. I call bullshit. Maybe in 2010 this is a viable answer, but not in 2008 after a 3-9 year and 7 schollies under the limit. We are not talking about a a soon to be junior that will never see the field. This is a soon to be sophomore with 4 years of eligibility left. It isn't the end of the world and yes, Nagel would probably be buried on the depth chart come August, but you never know. I am glad that he is leaving on good terms and it doesn't devastate the program, but I am not doing jumping jacks either. Depth wins championships ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Good luck to Aaron, who will be deciding to attend either Northwestern (where his brother will be a frosh), Vanderbilt, or Illinois.

Welcome back Pat and Will. Prepare for skunkbear hunting.

May 27, 2008

The King Is Back

I just ordered my copy... and I suggest you do the same. No other pre-season magazine provides you with more information and analysis.

Phil is a fucking legend.

I am providing a link to Phil's website on the right. This site can be used to purchase the mag and has a buttload of other stuff for college football junkies.

The picture is of the regional magazine which is due out at a later time. Clausen, as you can see, appears on the Big Ten regional cover.

This should help with any kind of jonesing you may have for the gridiron... or make it worse.

I have also already read Lindy's national pre-season magazine and I am extremely disappointed. Not enough for every team, but they love their conference previews.

Excuse me as I go headbutt my dog.

New Recruit?

Looking for a little more "nasty" in the student body? Look no farther than this crazy bitch. I only wish she was an Irish fan.

Thanks to Irish Eyes poster irishbuff for finding this dream girl.

May 22, 2008

Cannibal Crushing Carlo Calabrese

Carlo Calabrese is officially Irish. Most Irish fans have been fairly certain of an early commitment from the New Jersey native, but recruiting can always be unpredictable. He gave that commitment to Charlie Weis and NDNation tonight as a present to us fans and to his mother, who was pulling for Notre Dame the whole time.

Notre Dame gets a straight MONSTER. Think Katzenmoyer... only literate. The 6'2" 225 lbs. middle linebacker has played mostly in a 4-4 setting, but has had some experience in a 4-3 as the blitzing backer. He is big, and moves very well. What he lacks in top end speed he makes up for in his ability to move around in traffic. Once he gets to his man- BOOM. That SOB goes down.

The 4 star prospect is the fifth commitment for Notre Dame's incoming class of 2009. Carlo turned down offers from Rutgers, Boston College, Pitt, Florida, and a host of others. He is another Jersey kid and hails from the same High School as former Irish great, TE Anthony Fasano.

This should most certainly help with recruiting momentum and helps the Irish staff put together the numbers needed to have a full and successful class.

Subway Domer approved training regimen.

May 18, 2008

Reggie Brooks Speaks About Holtz


More Freaking Shirts

Some for the foul-mouthed, some for the mild-mannered, and a few for you and your best bud.

I Will Gut You With A Claw Hammer

In an attempt to live to see the next Notre Dame National Title and Heisman winner, I have stopped smoking today. I have smoked for 17 years and will be 30 in August. It has been a 2 pack a day habit for at least 10 years.

I tell all of you this, because it is easier to let yourself down than it is to let down others. Plus, if I go completely apeshit for no apparent reason in a post, you will understand that I crave a smoke.

Piss me off... and I will gut you with a claw hammer.

The Numbers Game

I suck at math. But, somehow I understand enough about addition and subtraction to understand the basics of recruiting. (I still don't understand how 10=11 or 11=10 except in the Big Integer Conference). With this in mind I wanted share with you what Irish fans, and haters, should be looking for with the 2009 recruiting class.

Every year teams across the country find new ways to take in 31 recruits and get rid of some of their own players to of course make new room for the freshman as well.

Notre Dame does it differently than say... Alabama and Clemson. Yearly on the field progress reports (Clemson), and making room for freshman (Alabama) just doesn't happen at ND.

Let's take a look at these numbers that mean so much to recruiting junkies and the programs themselves. Along with these stats, let us also take a look at what The Fighting Irish might have in store for themselves this year in regards to recruiting and... the numbers.

  • Notre Dame has 79 scholarship roster players planned for 2008.
  • The NCAA limit is 85.
  • That leaves 6 spots open for Weis to give to Walk-Ons. This is NOT a good thing. One is great for that kicker or W.O. that worked extra hard. Two is one too many. Six is borderline disaster. A big reason for this large number is from transfers and a few decommitments. Also, Anthony Vernaglia was asked to return but decided to finish out his career at Hofstra.
  • ND took 23 letters of intent from incoming freshman of 2008.
  • Only 21 counted against the 2008 class. TRob and Cwynar were early enrollees and counted against the previous years numbers.
  • The NCAA allows only 25 freshman in a class unless they are E.E. and start in the Winter.
  • If the Irish take zero 5th year seniors back in 2009 and there are no E.E. as well, they can only take 22 freshman for the 2009 class.
  • The most likely candidates as of right now that Weis will ask, in my opinion, to take a 5th year are: Evan Sharpley(QB), Asaph Schwaap(FB), Scott Smth(LB), and Kyle McCarthy(SS). The other eligible players are: D.J. Hord(WR), Kevin Washington(LB), and Ray Herring(SS). I don't think the "others" will do enough in 2008 to merit another year of eligibility.
  • If the 5th year scenario plays out, that leaves the Irish with 18 open scholarships.
  • As of today, the Irish have 4 verbal commits for 2009: Wood(RB), Golic(TE), Riddick(RB), and Stockton(DT). This takes the number to 14.
  • What do we need for 2009? Here is a breakdown of 19 scholarships of need. This is strictly my opinion and has changed somewhat since the commitments have started. (I didn't think we would take 2 running backs at first).
  1. Offensive Tackles (3)
  2. Outside Linebackers (2)
  3. Inside Linebackers (1)
  4. Defensive Tackles (2)
  5. Defensive Ends (2)
  6. Quarterback (1)
  7. Offensive Guard (1)
  8. Wide Receiver (1)
  9. Cornerback (1)
  10. Safety(1)
  11. Tight End (1)
  12. Running Back (2)
  13. Kicker (1)
  • Now let's take a look at what might transpire for the Irish in terms of offers and commitments...

Quarterback- The Irish are looking for one. They have already offered a few prospects and they have committed elsewhere. The most recent "look" was Allan Bridgford. He committed to Cal the other week. The Irish don't need another 5 star QB for 2009. They need a team player that is capable of running Charlie's system. Look for Jon Budmayr to pull the trigger if they can convince him that South Bend is more right than Madison Wisconsin.

Running Back- Done. With the commitments of Cierre Wood(5*) and Theo Riddick(4*), the Irish should be done at this position. The only other name that has been surfacing is Mike Marrow. Mike is more of a fullback, and ND may not need a FB at all in this class. Schwaap has 2 years of eligibility while Schmidt has 3. Also, Steve Paskorz moved from LB to FB in the spring and has all 4 years remaining.

Wide Receiver- The offers are out there, but the need may not be. After the 2007 and 2008 haul (Kamara, Tate, Floyd, Goodman, and Walker), the irish may only take one WR for 2009. The names to watch are Marlon Brown and Uzoma Nwachukwu. Guess: Nwachukwa.

Tight End- Done. Jake Golic was the first player to commit for the 2009 class and will be the only TE the Irish will have in this class. It is a shame the Irish couldn't take another. Tyler Eifert is a top class TE from Bishop Dwenger High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Tackle- If ND could get away with taking 5 or 6 quality tackles they would this year. This is very much a top priority for the Irish. Names to watch are Xavier Nixon, Xavier Su'a Filo, and Stavion Lowe. All three could play on the left side. One of the top prospects on the right side, Eric Shrive committed to Penn State last week. Still, watch for a few more offers to go out between now and June.

Gaurd- The Irish have a lot of good depth at guard especially when centers (Cave and Golic) can be used at this position as well. However, Notre Dame is gunning after a few top prospects to come in and compete. Chris Watt and Alex Bullard.

Center- None. Four are on the depth chart with 2 of them being true frosh in 2008.

Defensive Tackle- Even after a good haul of defensive lineman in 2008, the Irish still need more after some very anemic years at this position. ND already secured a good one in Tyler Stockton, but look for at least one more commitment to really help this line out. One name that looks good on paper is Issac Holmes. Holmes is from New Jersey and is the cousin of Duval Kamara. Looks good on paper.

Defensive End- Not a huge need for the Irish. Look for Anthony LaLota from the Hun School and Tyler Stockton's teammate to pull the trigger. The next possible commit is anybodies guess right now. A lot of people like Chris Bonds. Bonds and Corwin Browns relationship is growing.

OLB- A lot of talent is in South Bend already in Kerry Neal and Brian Smith. Plus, Darius Flemming will join them in the summer. However, ND is going after two very skilled, but also maybe undersized, linebackers in Frankie Telfort and Jelani Jenkins. One or two commits here would really bring home the depth.

ILB- One or two possible commits are likely here as well. Carlo Calabrese is looking more and more like he is going to commit early and join the Fighting Irish. Another name that is becoming a recruiting cult classic is Manti Te'o. Weis is recruiting him personally, although I don't think a visit to Hawaii was a trip that Weis was dreading. Another name that is surfacing is Dan Fox from Ohio.

Secondary- I'll lump these together because ND is so stacked at the moment (deepest group) a lot of offers are not going out. Names to watch are E.J. Banks and Corey Brown at corner and Darren Myles and Terrance Bullitt at safety.

Kicker- The word is spreading that ND is looking at kickers. They should look in their own state. Logan Powell is a strong legged kicker from Fort Wayne Indiana and is rated in the top 8 in the nation by

As always in recruiting things can change in a hurry. What is targeted today can also be lost today with commitments elsewhere. But, every time that happens a door opens up for another recruit to be offered. ND secured a lot of early commits last year, but don't look for that to be the same this time around. The Irish are going after a lot of Blue-Chippers and must have patience and diligence to secure the future.

Math sucks, but numbers kick ass.

May 15, 2008

I'm Not Dead... Really

Contrary to popular opinion, Subway Domer is still alive. Nothing much to post about. I have been working feverishly on creating some new material. Look for a slew of things this month and into June. Sorry, and thanks for visiting Subway Domer!

And now a lil something off topic...

May 8, 2008

New Shirts

A few new shirts are available now at the merchandise link on the right...

May 7, 2008

To Hell With Michigan

Watch and listen to the video around 1:10. Charlie just don't give a fuck...

May 5, 2008

Random Stops On The Subway

Slow news around the Bend, however there are just enough tidbits and freak shows out there (gentleman on the left), to make an impact on the college football scene. So take the time to observe and enjoy randomness at random...

Buzz Bissinger. The complete nutcase pictured and referred to already, has made a crusade against sports blogs. A reporter and writer taking pot shots and criticizing blogs is not brand new, but the manner in which he went completely mental... perhaps.

I was very prepared to put my 2 cents into the situation, but I procrastinated. I'm a blogger, not a journalist so I can admit that and feel good about it as well. Orson at EDSBS put it very eloquently about his journey into the blogosphere. He also just interviewed Buzz himself on his "legit" blog for The Sporting News as some Spencer Hall guy.The only thing I have to offer is this: I am done with journalists. My grandfather was one and spent his life in radio (WOWO) and with then WKJG-33 NBC Fort Wayne. I grew up respecting the profession and the craft. But, it has mutated into a sick virus of know-it-alls and pretenders.

I turned on to blogs about 5 years ago. Why? I can watch the games and understand them myself. I have a brain. I don't need a writer to go over what happened in a repetitious manner. If I need to experience it again, I'll watch it again. That is the magic of the Internet and technology. And the commentary they provide these days seems dull and drab. When they try to be comical or satirical, it just comes out as "blah, blah, blah... I'm a douche" (Yes, I'm talking about you Ben Smith of the Journal-Gazette). Blogs ,the good ones anyways, provide that comic relief and FAN insight that I really look for in a piece of writing.

I don't need to read W.C. Heinz to understand what a zone blitz is and why TAH-NOO-TAH feels the need to blitz every down. I understand football, just give me something to laugh at because a 3-9 season only causes tears.

Bissinger did make a few points when he wasn't making an ass of himself and has in fact spoken of regret of his actions...

May God have mercy on his soul.

Fighting Irish Football Schedule. I usually try to leave the schedule alone. I don't meander over it on message boards all day (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I don't post much about it here on Subway Domer. I have to however, comment on the recent happenings involving Notre Dame and a few of the Big East schools.

UConn and its fans sure are feisty. A 10 year deal? Hell no! Better make it 6. After a debate and vote in the Connecticut state legislature, UConn and the Fighting Irish are set to play 6 games. 3 at Notre Dame Stadium and 3 more at a neutral field such as Gillette Stadium. Good for them. Good for Zach Frazer. Yea Huskies!

Rutgers, the baddest most powerful football program in the universe, ain't having it. No fucking way are they going to play at a neutral stadium IN THEIR STATE in front of 80,000 plus. Nope. It better be in their house in front of 50,000. That's how they chop wood.

I really don't see a big issue with Rutgers trying to act bigger than what they are. If that is the route they want to go, have fun getting nationally televised games by playing Morgan State. I am flipping out on having to wait to see that match-up.

What I do have a problem with is this: On one of's podcasts, Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook discuss this scheduling practice at length. Beano was saying "Shame on Notre Dame" and "How dare they" when it came to the Rutgers decision. But when speaking about the UConn deal, Beano said that it was O.K. because UConn wanted to do so. But since Rutgers turned the Irish down, Notre Dame is totally in the wrong.

No Beano. You are very wrong. Maisel is kissing your ass because he thinks that he is the heir apparent to the College Football Papacy. I respect Beano Cook very much and look at him as the crazy old uncle I never had. But what kind of logic is that?! It's O.K. to ask if they say yes, but totally wrong and shameful if you ask and they say no? And Ron Powlus should have won 3 Heisman's too. Thanks again Beano...

The BCS. This thing is out of control. The BCS Conference commissioners plus Kevin White of Notre Dame decided to scrap all logic and reasoning for a system to stay in place that is as crooked as the mafia. The plus 1 format looks as if it will never see the light of day.

The regular arguments were made in favor of the snub: The regular season would mean less, the season goes too far into the next semester, they have 5 champions now instead of just a measly one, and the BCS is working just fine anyhow.

Are the BCS commissioners running the Iraq war as well? With these kind of statements it would appear so.

If they are that worried about the next semester than all they need to do is put the BCS games back on New Years Day and put the GMAC and International Bowls in December where they should be. Then a week later, National Title. Tah -Dah!

Sadly any kind of playoff will be turned down by the conferences because of their commissioners needs to constantly be fucked up on crystal meth and moonshine.

Lou Holtz. Holtz is going to be inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame this year. While this is really good news and I am sure the party at the Hall in South Bend will be filled with Die-Hard Irish fans, the ceremony will be missing something. The induction of Tim Brown. How do you win a Heisman and not get inducted right away? Every Heisman winner should automatically be inserted as soon as he is eligible. Except, of course, for that fucking criminal Reggie Bush. He can be there however. Be there when they call Vince Young's name as Bush hands Vince the trophy that should have been his anyways.

Holtz should be loved forever by Irish fans for this simple stat: 9-1-1. That is his record against the Condoms of USC. Enjoy...