Sep 8, 2007

Gameday Headbutts and Groin Kicks

Subway Domer and the dogs are a little woozy today.
I haven't had time to put out a game preview today. Plus, my head is throbbing from all the headbutts thrown my dogs way this week. I will provide a a new feature to the site. Pre-Game Headbutts and Post-Game Headbutts as well as Pre-Game Groin Kicks and Post-Game Groin Kicks. Here we go...
  • Offensive Line. They need to play with more poise and guts this week. That is about as obvious a need as national health care. The offense will only go as far as these 5 guys will take them. KABOSH
  • Jimmy Clausen. The time is now for the Freshman. If the line holds up and gives him time, he will do just fine...maybe even spectacularly. Look for a lot of 3 step drops today in an effort to get Jimmy in a rhythm.
  • Every single defensive player. Fuck up Morrelli. Period. I am not as confident in Moroni as the rest of the country, do not make me eat my words.
  • Armando Allen. Take one to the house. Whether it be a screen or a kick return. We need a Rocket-like effort today.

Groin Kicks

  • The Zombie Nation. Score points early and a take away the ball and watch their heads explode. If not, We might be better off learning American Sign Language.
  • Morrelli. He looked good... against Florida International. What kind of school is that anyways.
  • Derrick Williams. Make him wish he had back those 15 pounds he lost. Hit him and watch him duck.
  • Dan Conner and Sean Lee. A kick to the groin might help us block these two, or maybe not. Either way they must be neutralized at times for the Irish to move the ball.

That's all I got. I can barely sit still to write this. I gotta find some more headbutts. Where's the wife?


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