Oct 30, 2007

Why Games At ND Are Better

Visitors do not have to endure this kind of BS. (Warning: Violence and lots of swearing)
I have no love for the Buckeyes, but the PSU students are cowards that will be dealt with the next time they are in Columbus. I live in Ohio dicks.

Fifth Year Scenario

Since Mo Crum decided to stay for a fifth year, a lot of talk around the message boards has been centered around the team next year and who should go and who should stay. Irish Glory did a very good piece on the 7 players that are eligible for a fifth year (Mo Crum, Terrail Lambert, Justin Brown, Junior Jabbie, Anthony Vernaglia, Darrin Bragg and Leo Ferrine). Well I'm here to lay out a few detail missing from some fans brains, along with some insight on how things might shape up.

If we have the scholarships available, Weis will ask the guys to stay a fifth year. Simple as that. He stated as much back in August when he handed out multiple scholarships to walk-on players. He thinks the numbers will start to be more in line starting next year. Translation: 85 scholarship players means 85 scholarship caliber players.

Back in July when Steve Filer committed to Notre Dame, the Irish had their full load of NCAA allotted scholarships accounted for 2008 and it would take away one spot for a potential fifth year guy. Since then ND has had 3 transfers (Jones, Reuland, and Carufel) and two commits (Gray and Floyd). This then means that ND is now sitting on its 85 and any recruit committing from here on after would eat up a spot for those fifth year players. As of right now, Weis would have a spot for all 7 players if ND didn't receive another commit for the 2008 incoming class.

I believe there are only 6 potential commits for the Irish left that they have a legitimate chance at getting their pledge. Trevor Robinson (OL), Deion Walker (WR), Jonathon Baldwin (WR), Kenneth Page (OL), Gerrel Robinson (ATH/WR), and Chris Harper (ATH/WR/QB). Of these prospects I believe the Irish will land no more than 3 of them. Which ones? I don't know, but for arguments sake, let's say Trevor Robinson, Gerell Robinson, and Kenneth Page. This of course means that ND can only get 4 of the 7 potential fifth year players back. If that is the case, look for Ferrine and Bragg to definitely be out. The other guy is on Charlie's list and it should be between Vernaglia and Jabbie. Their least need will be the next guy out. ND is loaded in numbers at LB and RB, so it could go either way.

Some of you are calling for just about all of the 7 guys that could potentially return, to be gone. This is as stupid as it gets. If they stay, they do nothing but good for the program. They take away 0 scholarships for the 2009 class and provide MUCH needed depth and leadership for what is still a young team. And another tidbit. Tom Lemming has mentioned that he sees up to 5 guys transferring at the end of the season. He has provided no proof as something like that is more of a gut feeling. However, if some guys do defect, any scholarships that they leave behind will be available to those guys that want to return for a fifth year. And if that is the case, Weis will want them to return. It's a matter of numbers.

Oct 25, 2007

Saving The Program

So it has come to this. A 1-7 season with 4 games remaining. Certainly this is not the start most Irish fans had envisioned for this year. Even for those who were that pessimistic, I'm sure they wouldn't of imagined that our offense would be on the brink of being labeled as the worst in 9 years at the division 1-A (I refuse to name it by its new title) level. Saving the season has been an anthem for the last 3-4 weeks, but that has been snuffed out by the likes of Purdue, USC, and Boston College. Saving the season would have meant a berth in a bowl game. Any bowl game would have sufficed, but now that is a distant memory less than a week after its final blow handed by the Trojans. What is the battle cry now? Easy. Save the program.

So now you're thinking this may be a little melodramatic. And on the surface it may very well be, but at the root of the matter it is very much the reality. Notre Dame is a program that has lasted over a century. It has survived its share of bad seasons and its share of glory. The future of the program lies in what Charlie Weis and his players can accomplish in the next 4 games, on national signing day, spring ball, and in fall camp. Let me explain...

Over the next four games the Irish will be facing opponents that very well may be favored over Notre Dame, but are definitely beatable and could be handled in impressive fashion. The bye week could not of been in a better spot for the Irish this year. Navy runs a triple option and the extra time it takes to relearn how to defend this attack will be much needed. The Navy defense is horrible and if the offensive line can get going against the smallest defensive front the Irish have seen this year, they should FINALLY be able to move the ball up and down the field on the Midshipmen. Although the Irish have struggled this year defending the run, I believe with the proper coaching from Corwin Brown on defending against the option, ND can slow down the Middies and walk out he victors. So they beat Navy, now on to Air Force at home. Air Force is having a decent season and is already bowl eligible. ND has had problems in the past with mobile QB's and Carney put up very good numbers last year versus ND. They are however a lot like Navy talent wise and if ND is physical enough, they could handle AFA with pounding the ball and playing stout defense. Duke is the final home game of the year and again, they will not have as much talent on the field as the Irish and depending upon the progress of the last two games, should win. Then comes Stanford. The Cardinal could be in a position to be bowl eligible with a win over the Irish. This sounds very familiar to 2005 when they needed a victory to go bowling and nearly got it, if it weren't for a last minute drive by Quinn and Walker to put ND ahead for good. This is the team that beat USC so a win over ND would not come as a surprise to many. To put itself in good position in the off season ND must win at least 3 of these games. Four would be ideal and would give the program a head of steam going into spring ball. Also, if Weis has a worse season record than Ty did in 2003, it will make it quite uncomfortable for all involved.

National Signing Day. Right now the Irish have the #1 class for 2008 according to all major recruiting services. Not only have they landed top talent, but have filled huge needs at linebacker and on the defensive line. But as we saw last year, things can change quickly. To ensure that momentum from the four game winning streak, ND must keep all of its current verbals intact and pick up a few more, most notably guys such as Trevor Robinson, Ken Page, and Gerrell Robinson. This class has the potential to be the best (if it isn't already) since Lou Holtz coached ND. Finish strong.

Spring Ball. No bowl game means a loss of practice time for a young team that desperately needs more. Spring practice becomes even more important next year as ND HAS to find its identity on both sides of the ball. This means that the Irish have to establish a clear depth chart for ALL of its positions and of course come out healthy. Weis has eluded to having a more physical spring that would also include the QBs being live game. Feast or famine. One thing is clear, constant improvement for the young players as ND will still be in need of them to step up and contribute meaningfully.

Fall camp. With what should be an established depth chart from the spring, this needs to be the time to let the players mold themselves into cohesive units with leadership emerging from its captains as well as its other starters. Compete ion every day for their spot and physical practices should help ND get prepared for the season to come. Staying healthy with full contact is a risk , but it can be very rewarding in the end.

Put all of these things together and ND should have a successful season next year. I'm not saying BCS bound, but going to a bowl game and WINNING, will set this program off into overdrive in 2009 and beyond. That's saving the program. The program of Charlie Weis. If he fails, who will come and save it? Trust these words: more than likely, NO ONE. Remember all of those that spurned the job before Weis' hire. He can save the program and is still trying to do so with a team that had issues still from Willingham. Should Notre Dame fall on its face for the rest of this year and put up another dismal year, we could be seeing a LONG trek back to the top despite having good talent. I feel that ND can and will continue to improve and make its way back to elite status, I have to believe it.
Originally Posted On Notre Dame Fans of New England Newsletter by Subway Domer.

Oct 23, 2007

My Name Is Jonas!

Jonas Gray is Irish. After decommitting from Nebraska just a short while ago, the Detroit running back made a new commitment to Charlie Weis after being courted by Corwin Brown (this guys recruiting skills are just sick).
The 5'10" 215 pound back is the 21st commit for Notre Dame for the 2008 incoming class. He turned down offers from Florida, Wisconsin, and of course MICHIGAN! This is becoming the BEST freshman class since the days of Holtz.
$crot wanted a "Todd" like player, and I think the Irish just got one. After watching his game film, one name came instantly to mind... Julius Jones. He has great speed and an extra gear that he uses to either explode through a hole or to pull away from defenders. This is definitely a fantastic pick up by the Irish.
Nebraska's loss is certainly our gain. Jonas Gray may not be the only one to head to South Bend from the Cornhusker commitment list. Trevor Robinson (OT) and Will Compton (LB) are interested in the Irish as well. Robinson has already decommitted from Nebraska and Compton may still pick up a late offer from Notre Dame if he decides to decommit from the Cornhuskers as well. This is not a "Urban" legend. (If you didn't understand that reference, I'm talking about poaching). While Robinson is a HUGE need, Compton would be icing on the cake for an already solid linebacker haul (if not the best in the country).
At any rate, Gray is a welcome addition for Notre Dame as it continues to improve on its depth at every position. Depth = Competition = Production.
Welcome to Notre Dame Jonas!!!

From the Mind of $crot

Well, another loss to a pretty good team. I taped the game to see if I could pinpoint what was going on. After breaking down the film, I have finally come to the conclusion that this season is a trainwreck. The Irish will finish with one victory and we're going to have to hear about it....nuff said.

You might be wondering what this handsome gentleman to your left has to do with anything. He's Notre Dame's savior. We need more guys like Todd. Guys that will whoop your ass for spilling beer on their good jeans. Guys that will kick your ass, take your girlfriend and bone her right in front of you. These guys suiting up each week are soft. They don't start pregame fights in the tunnel. How can you expect to intimidate people if you're soft. The ghosts of the Four Horsemen don't scare anyone anymore. Gone are guys like Zorich and Stonebreaker, whose names alone scare you. They are Todd guys.

With all due respect to the Subway Domer (becuase he allows me to write for him), I don't want to know about anymore commitments unless they are bonafide "Todd Guys". Over and out.

Oct 22, 2007

Pretty Boy Floyd

Finally. Irish Fans have been waiting on this day since offers went out last year. Notre Dame is still going full speed on the recruiting trail despite its lack of steam on the field. 5 star wide receiver, Michael Floyd, committed to the Irish over the weekend.

The Irish won out over Ohio State, Minnesota, Florida, and of course... Michigan, for the talented wideout from Minnesota.

This gives the Irish their 20th verbal commitment for the incoming 2008 class, and solidifies their number 1 ranking on both Scout.com and Rivals.com recruiting services.

Back in July, I wrote a piece that discussed how important Floyd was to the future of this team as well as 3 others in Newman, Filer, and Flemming. Take the time to read it again... I'll wait.

Along with John Goodman, this is already an excellent haul at WR for the Irish. Floyd has been their number one guy from the start at this position and it could get better with guys such as Walker, Baldwin, Harper, and Robinson in the mix as well. One more of those 3 would give the Irish the players at WR they were looking for from last year when they lost out to Greg Little and "Don't call me Regis" Benn.

Other Recruiting Tidbits...

  • 3 other prospects ( Trevor Robinson, Kenneth Page, and Jonas Gray) had a visit with the Irish on Saturday.
  • Robinson and Gray are both Nebraska commits that are now wavering after seeing the sinking ship that is Cornhusker football.
  • Page has said that his visit was great and ND is rising fast on his list.

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... Post $C Rant

  • David Bruton. He is the Irish's best special teams player and safety. When he was out of the game for a leg injury, you could tell the difference. Best gunner in the entire universe.
  • Micheal Floyd. Thanks bud. Your first headbutt.

Groin Kicks

  • Pete "The Poodle" Carroll. You are a dick. Challenging a reception in the final minutes for no reason, other than to be a dick. Transforming into a fortune teller and spouting off predictions of ND's demise post-game (however true it might be), means you are a dick. And for just being a dick... means you are a dick.
  • NBC. Get the game over with. No one, outside of true fanatics, was watching this ass whooping after the 3rd quarter. Those ads mean shit. I hate you. And yet... I need you.
  • The whole damn Irish football team. I mean seriously, I didn't want to vent, but after 5 concussions from beating my head against the wall I think I need to say something. 4 more games to get your shit together and make SOMETHING out of this season.
  • Charlie Weis. QUIT HANDING THE BALL OFF TO SCHWAAP!!! I can handle an anemic running game knowing that our line is playing soft, but even 1 carry to Asaph is 1 too many. Tell him to block someone first.
  • Subway Domer. Another week of piss poor performance by the Emperor of the Subway Alumni (disprove it) because, I'm not sure how much I have left in the tank. I'd promise better, but that might be a lie such as the one being told about ANY improvement on the offensive side of the ball. sigh

Oct 16, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... B.C. 2007

  • Brian Smith. This kid is going to be a good one. We have heard that line all week... and I like it. KABOSH!
  • Evan Sharpley. The kid comes in and good things happen. Take that 1 off of his jersey and he might remind you of another QB coming off of the bench. Well, at least a little bit.
  • Trevor Laws. He should receive a headbutt every hour on the hour for what he means to this team. KABOSH!
  • Robby Parris. Samardzija didn't break out until his junior year. Robby is a sophomore and reminds a lot of people of Jeff. Personally, I think he looks like Bob.

Groin Kicks

  • Charlie Weis. I have a lot of reasons this week, but one will suffice. Does opening up an offense begin with the same lame swing passes and dive plays? I think not... swift kick to the junk.
  • Silva. Get a fucking haircut, hippie.
  • Fredo Fans. You suck. And your dialect is amusing to no one.
  • NBC. Seriously, does ND get that big of a check that you feel the need for 44 extra minutes of commercials?
  • Jaghjghjgdasofdski. Your reaction to one second remaining in the game was pathetic. Don't worry big boy, the refs you brought were paid well and can not add 14 points to ND's total with only a second remaining. Boston College is the right fit for you. Dick.
  • Those psychotic, fat pocketed, prick refs. Turk finally blocks a guy (the first all year) and he gets penalized for it. Made my day. One kick for each of your nuts. That's a double nut smash.

Oct 15, 2007

From the Mind of $crot

October 15, 2007

God damn, another loss. My liver really can’t take much more. Did Evan Sharpley look like a man on a mission, or what? I couldn’t decide if it was him or Tony Romo out there. Evan played with the kind of urgency that you would expect of a junior fighting to win a QB job. I was very impressed the way he moved when the pocket collapsed. Jimmy “Cinder Block Feet” Claussen needs to really take notice. However, Sharpley was terrible throwing the deep ball. For ND to be successful the QB’s have to be able to get the ball down field to the speed burners and let them make something happen. Remember how Quinn would just get the ball near Samardzija or Stovall and let them go get it? That’s what this team needs.

One thing that no one is talking about is the quality teams ND is suiting up against each week. The total record of their seven opponents is 35-13. That’s not even including our next three opponents USC (5-1), Navy (4-2) and Air Force (5-2). The top two teams in the BCS are playing cupcakes. Ohio State’s seven wins have come against teams with a total record of 23-25. Three of those seven wins are against a 1-AA school and two MAC schools. Don’t even get me started on South Florida, whose opponent’s records total 22-16. The BCS is a joke.

Another guy transferred? No big deal, just weeding out the sissies.

Monday Morning Fact Slap

Well, it has been a few days and I'm still puking my guts out over Saturdays performance. The word tragic can not describe vividly enough the way this season has gone from the beginning. The worst part is, I'm not sure who to blame. There is someone to blame, right? Of course there is but it definitely isn't one person.
But enough of all that. Here's a little rundown on what is going on with the program, general comments, and generally a mild vent/rant. More will come about the B.C. game later.

  • Matt Carufel has decided to leave Notre Dame. Weis gave this statement:
    "I spoke via telephone with Matt Carufel Sunday evening, and he informed me he
    was going to leave the team and withdraw from the University of Notre Dame. I
    appreciate all Matt has done for Notre Dame and wish him nothing but the best."
    Carufel is the 3rd player to transfer during this season following Demetrius Jones and Konrad Reuland out of South Bend. He is the 4th since the spring, when Zach Frazer decided to depart after becoming the 4th man in the quarterback race. Matt is deciding between Iowa and that dork Tim Brewster. All of the players that have left this season have been from the 2006 recruiting class. Chris Stewart tried as well... and Daddy sent him back to honor his COMMITMENT. The 2006 class was supposed to be the foundation of the future. But that is becoming as rocky as the season has been.
  • Sharpley must be the starter against USC and for the rest of the season. This is becoming obvious to anyone paying attention to Notre Dame Football this year. Evan has that "gunslinger " mentality that this team desperately needs to compete. This is NOT a slam on Clausen. I think Jimmy will do very well at ND in the future, but the present is Evan. Sharpley should have started from game one this year. Jimmy still needs more time to develop as a college QB. He just doesn't make the throws down field to keep a defense honest. Whether Jimmy is still having arm trouble or he just doesn't want to make a mistake and is thinking too much in the pocket, it doesn't really matter. Evan will take those chances because I think he feels that he has nothing too lose. The team responds, because they want that chance too.
  • The running game is atrocious. This fact alone may be the most puzzling outcome of what has happened so far this year. All of ND Nation believed we would be able to run the ball. The majority of us felt that with the departure of Darius Walker we would be able to open the floodgates with a stable of seemingly more than capable backs in Aldridge, Hughes, Allen, Thomas, and Jabbie. But there are definitive reasons for the lack of success running the football. 1) We have no real threat of throwing the ball downfield unless Golden Tate is running a fly route. Teams are jamming the line of scrimmage with bodies and plugging any holes quickly. 8 or 9 men in the box has not been uncommon for the opposing team to show. 2) The line is not physical. A truly sad fact. They are not pushing bodies around to make the necessary hole for the backs to run through. This looks like another finesse type of line as the last 2 years have been. 3) The loss of veteran wideouts on the outside is hurting the downfield blocking schemes. The younger guys must do a better job of locking on to their man and pest block them. Take a tape of 2005 and watch Mo Stovall. 4) I see no real burst from the backs at the line of scrimmage. I am not saying that there is no speed at the position, only that they all lack that ability to see that seam and WHOOP blow through that hole. I think Allen possesses this and Hughes and Aldridge can make up for a smaller amount with their power style, but no one is USING it.
  • The defense needs help. This help has to come from the offense. Giving short fields to an opposing offense is like giving crack to an addict... they're going to smoke it. This has been the constant Achilles heel for the ND defense. While they play very well at times and the past two games have finally put good pressure on the quarterback... they still are not a great defense that can carry you through the season. The progress that Corwin Brown has made has been outstanding, but the yards ND allows on the ground has to be cut considerably more if the Irish want to beat these elite teams. A huge test is coming Saturday in USC and their 67 running backs.
  • Special teams are (insert cliche'). If you didn't guess it, the term is: not so special. Aside from the freakish abilities of Trevor Laws to block field goals this area is VERY disappointing. Teams are kicking the ball to Zibby on punts, but he has no where to go. The few times that there has been a seam and gets a big return, I see a yellow rag lying on the ground. Kick returns are just as bad. I can only scream "BLOCK SOMEBODY!!!" so many time a game. Returners are getting gobbled up like M&Ms.

This review may seem a little negative and harsh, but it is certainly true. I have been pulling on silver linings all season long, but there comes a time when things that are so insanely obvious that they must be called out. There is a lot of hope for the future (and I will get to that this week) but the present fucking sucks!

Oct 12, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... Fredo Style

  • Irish Secondary. This will be the toughest challenge these boys will face in the air ALL year. Expect to see a lot of substitutions with the corners in nickel, dime, and penny packages. David Bruton in particular will be key in trying to stop this air assault. I think he stands up to the task and has a coming out party.
  • David Bruton. A 2nd one for the greatest gunner on special teams in the history of life. Knock some dicks in the dirt.
  • Eric Olsen. He takes over the starting spot at guard over an AWOL Matt Carufel.
  • Mo Crum. A repeat performance would be nice.
  • Pat Kuntz. Kerry Neal. Starting Defense, place at the table...

Groin Kicks

  • Super Fans. Seriously. We are not UMass.
  • Jaghjguyfbyerbdski. A harder name to spell than Samardzija. That deserves a swift kick.
  • Matt Ryan. Your tombstone has already been written.
  • Tribble and Silva. I have nothing on you but I'm going to kick you in the nuts anyways.
  • And this ND student that ESPN dug up twice now to comment. WTF. He may be the biggest tool...ever. WARNING: Watch the following video with caution as it may cause you to gouge out your eyes and stab your ears with a shovel...

Oct 10, 2007

Eagle Eulogy

Nothing but Champs Sports Bowl bound. IU will bury you for good.

It's been a good run for Boston College this year. 6-0 for the first time since, well, forever ago. And a big congratulations is due to those mighty Eagles for their incredibly challenging first half of the season. Tough victories over Bowling Green, Army, UMass (1-AA), North Carolina State, Wake Forrest, and Georgia Tech has left BC in position to make a national statement. Ranked #4 in the country and heading to "rival" Notre Dame for the not so annual Frank Leahy Bowl/Ireland Trophy Game the Eagles are riding high.

And then the rug gets pulled out from under your feet.

Boston College realizes that despite all their efforts of cupcake scheduling, conference jumping(no loyalty), and an advertising campaign for the ridiculously over-hyped QB Matt Ryan complete with blowjobs from Doug "Is My Mullett Making A Comeback" Flutie, you are who you are. Granted this is still Notre Dame BC is playing, the Godfather, of college football. And here you are... Fredo. The runt of the litter. The backstabber. The weasel. Skunkbears in training. You are... nothing. Not even a hint of respect will you receive from the Irish faithful. All the hopes and dreams will cease and only visions of a conference championship from a conference of cellar dwellers will be left. And in the end, even that dream will crash. Yes the season is over for you now and perhaps this is all you will ever be. 8-4, 9-3, or whatever mediocre record you will accomplish will be all that you can attain.

From the Mind of $crot

President Bartlett Notre Dame Alum
October 10, 2007
What a difference a win makes. It’s been hard trying to pick apart the win over UCLA so I am going to refrain from doing so. The defense played like a bunch of wild animals. That was awesome watching us bring the house and take out the UCLA quarterback. That poor bastard didn’t stand a chance. I really can’t complain about much from the game. One thing did bother me though, Claussen’s accuracy throwing the long ball. I know, I know, he’s a true freshman.
Does anyone remember the most recent true freshman to lead the Irish offense? I caught the BC game from 2003 on ESPN Classic the other day and was amazed at how Quinn ran Willingham’s infamous “Three and Out” offense. Watching that game I could see how much he improved throughout the years.
I have to give mad props to Mitch for allowing me to watch the game at his house. I’m not into the HDTV shit. Give me ESPN, SNY and West Wing reruns and I’m good.
In other news, I ran across an interesting quote from ESPN.com writer Pat Forde. In his weekly column titled “The Forde Yard Dash” he led off last week stating “People in New York are attributing the Mets collapse to shoddy recruiting by Ty Willingham”. I paraphrased it, but it hit home being a Mets and Irish fan.
Until next week......

Oct 8, 2007

The Rocket Speaks

Interview from Legends of South Bend

Back To Normal

No more mourning after the win .... The Darkness is no more!

Headbutts And Groin Kicks Post Bruin Beatdown

  • Mo Crum. If you saw the game there really isn't anything more I could say that would put into perspective how huge he played. Lights out.
  • Brandon Walker. 48 yard field goals? Since when do we make those? October 6th 2007.
  • Zibby and Laws. One hit sealed the game.
  • Kerry Neal and Brian Smith. Pressure. These two are really becoming a force on the outside.
  • Clausen. No turnovers versus a very good UCLA "D"

Groin Kicks

  • Bruce Davis. You lost. Now shut the fuck up.
  • Dan Fouts. You mess up every play call with something, whether it be a name, a play, or confusing UCLA's black coordinator with ND's and calling him Corwin Brown. (Racist) I'm sure this kick in the nuts will not phase him as Danny boy lost his nuts years ago to Keith Jackson in a bet. (Who was the worst college talking head... ever)
  • Boston College. I can already hear the Super Dicks talking shit.
  • Anyone who has ever had a penalty called on a Zibby punt return. Please stop. We need his yards.
  • Subway Domer. Yes me. I have to kick myself in the nuts for the coverage this past week. Horrendous. I was doing a live blog during the game (forgot to mention it to anyone) and then stopped as I can never sit still during an Irish game. I cuss, I pace, and generally I headbutt all who cross my path... sorry mom.

Oct 7, 2007

Condensed Rose Soup

Here is a condensed version of the game from our "friends" at ESPN. I will have Headbutts and Groin Kicks in a bit.

Oct 6, 2007

Hell Yes!!!!


Oct 4, 2007


The Irish are almost half way through the season and a lot of questions are still hanging in the wind. There are a few things we do know, and if you didn't... now is your chance.

  1. This offense has no identity. From Georgia Tech and up to Purdue this offense has lacked any form of an identity to fall back on. Are we a spread team, are we a power team, or or we pass happy finesse? It doesn't really matter as much as what we identify with, just that we would become something. Weis has always made the offensive gameplan around the other teams weaknesses. That's great, but you need to know what the hell you are doing before we can gameplan like that.
  2. This season sucks. Quite simple really. We have not seen this horrible of a showing in a long time in South Bend. The best thing to come of this season is the experience it give to the young talent that is there. Playing time for these youngsters is crucial to the development of the future. The bad taste in all of our mouths (players, coaches, and fans) should turn to sweet morsels of awesomeness. Suck it up people.
  3. There is still hope this year. 7 games remain and if we win six we will go to a bowl. No matter what the cynics say, we WILL win our last 4 games. What is unsure and honestly quite bleak, is if the Irish can pull 2 out of 3 on UCLA, Backup College, and USC. International Bowl, here we come. At the beginning of the year I scoffed at the idea of playing in this low level game, but as this train wreck season rolls on, I realize the importance of making it to any bowl. The extra practice it allows is critical to the development of the team and provides a solid foundation to build on in the spring.
  4. Willingham is a dick. Mike Farrell wrote a good article on Ty and his recruiting efforts at ND. The media is trying to bash ND at all costs and at the risk of being totally biased against Her Loyal Sons. Poor Ty. What no one mentions, is that he wanted out and was paid quite nicely by the University to do so.
  5. The defense is still questionable. Although the Irish have improved on their pass defense, stopping the run has been a huge disappointment. I truly believe that Corwin Brown is changing the culture of this unit, but is still missing a few pieces. They have not had any favors from the offense as they have been constantly left with their backs against the wall with poor field position.
  6. Young talent is here and more is on the way. Look at the starting lineups each week (and the subs with different personnel groupings) and you will see a team loaded with freshman and sophomores. Most of these players are seeing their first real minutes in college and need more time to develop. But we HAVE talent none the less. The Irish have the #1 recruiting class in the nation according to Scout and Rivals for the incoming class of 2008. The Irish WILL be back to elite status... but it may take until 2009 to reap those rewards for great recruiting on the part of Weis and his staff. Need more proof? Look here.
  7. The schedule has done the Irish no favors. This was a suicide mission from the start. So much discussion was going on this summer about Kevin White and his scheduling practices for the future. A lot of blogs and websites were bashing White to death about how easy the schedule is becoming in future years. I think we all would of took that kind of schedule this year. If you look at the next 2 years schedule, you will notice how the front end is lightened up a bit as far as not playing 4 out of your first 6 on the road. At least he has it right with playing San Diego St. in 2008 and Nevada in 2009 as the season openers...at home. EVERY major school opens this way and allows themselves some room for error as they iron out the wrinkles for the season. I'll take it. At least it isn't a 1-AA opponent.

Those are just a few insight into this season and a few nuggets to look forward to in the coming years. And just to leave you with a laugh (after all we have gone through this season we NEED to laugh) here is a video I found that should have been used Michigan State week.

Oct 2, 2007

Hey Ladies!

Get your ladies gear for UCLA week. Hey OC Domer... I know you hate these guys, so dress your wife accordingly!

New Rule

A little update to everyone. I'm done. Not with the blog stupid, but with something else. Subway Domer will not allow anymore anonymous comments. If you have something to say, let your allegiance be shown or at least a name like; douchebag boiler8. I erased a comment moments ago, and now I regret it. I love rivalry and shit talking. I will allow as much as possible here because I feel it adds to the hatred that makes football so freaking sweet. But as stated please use a name to identify with... it only makes it better.

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... A Little Late Edition

  • Golden Tate. Are you kidding me? Not only were his catches spectacular, they were... yes they were spectacular. I was screaming "Recognize! Golden Tate Motherfuckers!" like I was a gansta rapper from the 90's. Minus the Tec-9 and sweet bandanna.
  • Duval Kamara. Behold, the mighty slant.
  • John Carlson. Justice was served as Carlson nabbed the first TD of the season. He deserves better than this.
  • Jimmy Clausen. First TD pass and he played pretty well before he was succumbed to injury.
  • Evan Sharpley. Coming off the bench he looked, dare I say it... Montanaesque. (Of course Joe would have won the game)
  • Corwin Brown. It seems he is taking some shit for being emotional on the sideline and celebrating with his players. Tim Prister is a douche bag. I'm glad he can relate to the players and have their trust. Typical, from a white, middle-aged, ass-clown. Hey CB, I'll give ya a chest bump... now coach.
  • Chris Stewart and Family. I'm sure you've heard the the HUMAN PLANET Chris Stewart has returned to the team. The last thing we needed was less depth at the O-Line. Now run some laps.

Groin Kicks

  • Darrin Walls. It's hard for me to give these to a cornerback. I played the position and realize how demanding it is and how much of an island you are on. But, you still need your nuts kicked in when you play as poorly as Darrin did. Purdue has his number, star 69 those bitches next year.
  • The ENTIRE kicking game. Two missed extra points is two too many.
  • Andre Ware. If you watched the game (unlike Beetle's punk ass) you know what I'm talking about. Heisman winners that do jack shit in the NFL should not broadcast. Be more like Jason White... and disappear.
  • Brian Smith. Stop the cheap shots... unless you can get away with it.
  • Offensive Line. Only 2 sacks, but your starter was knocked out of the game and short yard situations might as well be 10+.
  • Mark May. I don't need your sympathy... bitch.

Oct 1, 2007

From the Mind Of $crot

October 1, 2007
You’ve really got to love technology. The world has become so technologically advanced that a guy can take his wife and kids to the zoo and still keep in touch with the world of sports. I have to give a lot of props to Curtis Metz for keeping me posted on the Irish and the Mets games going on Saturday afternoon via text message. He came through in the clutch and deserves much love, even for a gay Ohio State fan.
So I missed the game and forgot to set the VCR. I really need to invest in a DVR for my dish. They used to replay the ND games on MASN on Sunday mornings, but not this year. I think I have even seen an ND replay on a Catholic channel as well.
One of the text messages I received read as follows: “Claussen out with injury…..Sharpley moving the ball well”. Another read “26-19 Purdue……ND is coming back….8 mins to go”. I used the messages to try to play the game in my head, but it didn’t work. The funny thing about this team is that you can’t even imagine what it would be like to come from behind, because they have yet to do so. The highlights that I did catch showed some promise. So do we have a QB controversy now? I doubt it, but it’s nice to see that we have someone in practice that could push Jimmy a little. Coach Weis has stated that Claussen is the starter, if healthy.
So now it’s on to UCLA. With as many upsets that have been happening lately, who knows what could happen.
When we returned home from our trip I tuned into the USC/Washington game. Did anyone else who watched think that Washington’s uniforms strongly resembled those of the Irish? The first thing I saw was a replay of the UW quarterback (who is #10) rolling out and throwing a strike to a receiver. I thought I was watching a highlight from an ND/USC game. Someone tell Tyrone-Shoelace Willingham to get over it. He sucked.
Peace Out.