Nov 18, 2008

WARNING!!! Do Not Get Leid

Notre Dame is hosting mega 5 star linebacker Manti Te'o from Hawaii this week for the Syracuse game. There was a movement online to have thousands of fans wear lei's in support of Te'o in the hopes of making the Hawaiian feel at home in South Bend Indiana.

From what I gathered, everything was in place and the plan was going to work (at least the part about wearing the lei's- not Te'o committing on the spot).

I have just ran across this letter from the University that was posted on a message board today. Pleas read:

Yours is not the first question our office has received regarding this issue. As you can see from the below e-mail communication from our assistant athletics director for compliance, Lisa Deibler to another student on-campus, you may not do anything that will publicize a prospective student-athlete's visit to our campus. The wearing of lei's, Hawaiian shirts, or the placement of signs welcoming a particular prospective student-athlete to a game/campus, is not permissible and could seriously jeopardize that prospective student-athlete's opportunity to attend Notre Dame should he/she decide to do so. Bottom line, an institution may not permit any "publicity" of a prospect being on its campus. What you had planned to do would most definitely be considered publicity and could result in NCAA sanctions. As a result, you are advised to not move forward with your plans.

Thank you for contacting me. Protecting the eligibility of the prospect's visiting our campus is of great importance and I wouldn't want the actions of our students (or any other group) to cause problems.


Michael Karwoski

Associate Athletics Director

University of Notre Dame

Joyce Center

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-4107

So please use caution. You don't know this prospect? Check out this highlight reel from his junior year:


Anonymous said...

How bout a serenade on Sat?

Te'o, Teeeee'o!!
Manti come to the Golden Dome!!

Like the Banana boat song.

SubwayDomer26 said...

Sounds good. The University is only trying to protect itself and the athlete.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of player ND needs. Hope Tenuta/Brown impress him. Hope the snow doesn't scare him off.

Anonymous said...

Not sure passing out leis differs from banners at residence halls welcoming Shaq or key prospects last year? Is it real?