Nov 25, 2008

Irish Blogger Gathering: I Almost Got Too Cute With This Thing- Edition

I almost did it. I almost published what would have been a very original, very funny, very entertaining round of questions with a West Wing Theme. I deleted it. The only thing that was original this year for Notre Dame was that we beat Michigan by our largest margin ever (the worst Michigan team in history). Nothing was really humorous other than thinking that ND might be vastly improved from 2007 (we are improved- Michael Floyd plays for ND). And the only thing that is entertaining is that we may not go to a bowl game at 6-6 (The Sun bowl can't take us if all of the Big East teams have a better record or something- International Bowl here we come!).

Instead I have to ask a series of very serious questions, because the program is in question across the board. I'm sorry. It feels as if all of the laughter in the world is gone and no songs can be heard. Quick! Give me a Prozac.

1. Regardless of what you may have heard and what may happen, what do you think should be the fate of Charlie Weis? Please give an explanation in detail along with a possible replacement if you said... FIRED. No Urban Meyer bullshit here. He's not coming. Get over it.

I don't want to go through another coaching search. I just don't think I could handle another set of fucked ups. Give Weis another year. If the team isn't producing next year, than cut the cord. I can't be a Weis apologist anymore. There isn't enough to back him up, but who do we get from the crowd this year? I've heard a lot of names, and quite frankly- either there is no chance or I just don't see the fit. One name we should all remember is, Charlie Strong.

2. Recruiting. Colin Cowherd has been murdering the recruiting services and Notre Dame. He thinks that the recruiting services rank Irish recruits higher than what they should be because of a marketing plan. Everyone else on the outside is falling in line with this thought. What are your opinions? Please explain and provide a solution.

I think Cowherd is making some very fair statements right now about Notre Dame football and about the University. I think he thinks that their is some type of bias in the recruiting rankings, because he doesn't follow recruiting that closely. The kids are determined as a 4 and 5 star (or lesser) player before they commit anywhere and the star ranking rarely changes drastically. The best indication of a top flight recruit is his offer list. Who wants him. If ND is beating USC, Florida, Ohio State and others out for a kid (which they are) than how are these rankings biased? When was the last time you saw a kid lose a star for committing to Florida after they decommitted from ND? These services are not as accurate as they or even Cowherd would have you believe. They are very good indicators, but certainly not the tell all. Why then are ND's top recruits not getting drafted in the NFL? Oh, that's right. Those were Ty's guys. Next question.

3. I made a comparison in a poorly written post about this team mirroring the 2004 team. I generally don't like doing comparisons to other years, but I felt it was valid. What is your take? Is the 2008 version of ND like the 2004 team, and do you think the 2009 team could have similar results to the team in 2005?

I would like to think so if you look at one position. Quarterback. Quinn was a sophomore in 2004, and obviously Jimmy is one this year. Quinn walked into the 2005 season as a 2 year starter and so will Clausen. Look, I could keep going on and on about the makeup of these two teams but every year is different. I do see the similarities, and I hope that the same type of results are produced- but I'm not holding my breath.

4. Is Michael Floyd the Notre Dame team MVP? Why? If not, who then?

I see a lot of people are putting Golden Tate on the top of the list. I can't argue against him, but I can argue for Floyd. This offense is stagnant without Floyd. San Diego State, Navy, and Syracuse were all games that Floyd saw none or very little action. Those were not great offensive games. Floyd has fewer minutes than Tate and Tate just caught up to the Frosh in stats. But, you can honestly say that they need and feed off of each other. Cheap way out- Floyd & Tate = Co-MVP's.

5. What is Notre Dame's biggest problem schematically and mentally?

Schematically they are a bunch of pansies when it comes to the running game on both sides of the ball. The Orange converted a 3rd and 7 on a simple off tackle play, while we lose 3 yards on a 4 hole lead with our jumbo package. Awful. If ND could ever get a consistent running game, then I think you would see a much improved offense. I'm not talking Holtz- but Weis did it with Walker. This offensive line has to take off the skirts.

Mentally. Whatever they are thinking when they have a lead, they need to do the opposite. Become sharks that go fucking crazy when blood is in the water. But for the players to do that, their head coach needs to do so as well. Isn't Weis from New Jersey? Pussy.

6. Notre Dame is a 30 point underdog to U$C. It's safe to say that none of us thought that ND would ever be that big of an underdog in this rivalry game. Your thoughts and please include a prediction for the game.

I never thought ND would be this big of underdogs to anyone ever. We were 20 point favorites to a team at home that we lost to, and now we are 30 point underdogs on the road. 50 POINT SWING! Fuck it. Irish find their balls and win this thing while I'm on an acid trip 19-17. Kiss my ass Pete.

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Dekom said...

The Powers That Be should give Charlie a chance to put his money where his mouth is. Choice 1: leave in humiliation and get paid the buyout. Choice 2: stay, but renegotiate the buyout to 1 yr salary. If he truly believes in what he says, then he'd opt for #2. In that case he either proves out or gets fired next year without costing ND the equivalent of the GDP of a small nation. If Charlie is just snowing everyone, then taking Choice 1 would tell us all we need to know and allow the program to move on.

As for replacements, I'd be happy with Brian Kelly (cincy), Jeff Jagodxzlmnicsdfy (BC), Mike Leach (TTech), dude from Boise State, Greg Schiano (Rutgers), Paul Johnson (GA Tech).

Anonymous said...

I say give Weis one more year just one more year. Next year seems to be even easier then this one. If he fails next year he's obviously not the right fit. Also I have no idea who we could get because we never seem to get the right coach anyway (Devine, Willingham...). I think that Michael Floyd was great but Golden Tate has to be the MVP. Tate has more receptions, yards, and the same amount of touchdowns. He has made amazing catches and very clutch catches. Notre Dame recruits great with mostly 4 stars and some 5 stars. I don't know what their tslking about. What else can you do? Should they be recruiting more 2 and 3 stars. I agree that this team looks extremely familiar to the 2004 team and I think there will be an even better outcome. I think this team has even better players with many talented receivers, a much better defense, and even Jimmy who has looked okay some of the time. Not even Brady was perfect his first couple years. I predict 10 wins at the least with a chance of going undefeated. Finally I think that Notre Dame will lose to USC. But I think they will beat the spread and will score a couple touchdowns whiling playing good defense. They will play better than Ohio State did, and this will only show a young team beginning to grow up for next year.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Davey not Devine.

bronzedshoe said...

Aw, but a West Wing themed blogger gathering would have been so great! Oh well. I understand your reasons. I'm just trying not to think about football this week.

tednict said...

1. I believe the time for Charlie to go is here. HOWEVER, I find what Dekom said to be of interest, but are we delaying the inevitable? Recruits in this year's class will not stay on board for a coach who may only be around one year. I believe that is critical in the decision process.
Replacement: Kelley at Cincinnati if ND can get him.
2. If that is correct, then RIVALS and SCOUT have shot themselves. Also, you have the two high school bowl games that are largely based on the rankings of players. Sorry I have to ask, but who in the hell is Cowherd, and what are his credentials?
3. It is impossible to really compare two teams who are that far apart. It is possible that the 09 team could be like the 05 team, but so many changes would seem to be necessary for that to happen. New coaches and a new attitude for two examples.
4. Floyd is the MVP. Who else?
5. If someone knows the real answers, please apply for the HC position. It is always easy to point a finger at someone, but Weis has to be part of the problem. I also believe other members of the coaching staff may be in the mix of who is to blame. Another question that must be asked and answered is what the hell has been wrong with Clausen, for the last 4 games?
6. Based on their recent performance, the 30 point spread seems to be correct, and it could be worse. For some dumb reason which I cannot justify, I believe it will be closer than that.

Please don't throw snowballs or oranges at me.

Anonymous said...

first fire cw and get anyone 2 replace him he SUCKS! mich st coach is doable.
second golden is more mvp than floyd. better #s & more important 2 special teams

SubwayDomer26 said...

Thanks for the responses guys. Good stuff. I have OC Domers response linked on the post, and as the other bloggers fall in line I will have them linked in the post as well.

I'll have my own answers shortly. I think.

Wacko said...

Here is my response.

What a painful week.

-Domer Law

Jay-A said...

Here's Brawling Hibernian's response...I need a drink: said...

Changes need to be made. It might be Weis, or it may be offensive staff member such as Latina. I don't have a problem with Weis getting one more year, but it might not matter what any of us think after Saturday.

Cowherd is not the first to say comments like that. I guess it would be interesting to see how many Irish players were offered by programs that are top dogs right now. Also, recruiting services are big business now, would they risk credibility to overrate Irish recruits? Whatever you think, the Irish don't look as athletic on the field as top teams (though it might because the guys on both lines don't do their job to free up the guys that run.)

I refuse to get into speculative coaching changes, we'll see what happens. if the change does happen,I would like somebody that runs a wide open offense-I like the Irish getting good skill players.

Frankie V said...

Here is my take this week, I forgot to post the link here the other day -'s IBG weekly Post