Nov 24, 2008

The Syracuse Hangover

This will not be a long post. This will not contain a lot of insight or analysis of the game. (Not like these ever do anyways). Other people have done the work for me. The links are as follows:

As you can see, this week is not about the Syracuse game when it comes to the X's and O's. It isn't about U$C- yet. It's about Charlie Weis. The doubters are out and the haters are in an orgy of Weis slamming.

I'm fence sitting. Why? Because I will stick to my guns and state that Weis will be back in 2009. Do I think it's the right decision. Not really, but Notre Dame has been handcuffed since Kevin White gave Weis that huge contract extension.

This season is tremendously close to resembling the 2004 season that buried Ty Willingham. In that season a sophomore Brady Quinn took the team to a 6-5 regular season and lost to Oregon State in the Insight Bowl. Remember what happened in 2005? Can the Fighting Irish get that fight back in them for two more games this season? Probably not. The team is emotionally flat, and after a loss like this, how do they combat the Trojans?

I have many opinions about Weis, this years team, and the future of the program. But those opinions are a smorgasbord of a fucked up mess in my head. I can't explain it. I want to, but I just can't do right now.

I'm not sure this is a hangover post, I sound like I'm still drunk. I'm good with lists. I'll go make one and get back to you soon. (Jesus, this post was awful)

This guy just beat Notre Dame. Greggers.


Threehills said...

I too believe that Weis will be back next year. My question is, what happens if the Irish have a pretty decent run of things next year? What does it take for Weis to save his job next year?

Dekom said...

We can't keep Weis because it will kill recruiting. He sold a bunch of 4/5 stars on the future, which has proven to be a bust. No one will believe him again. We need a new coach to salvage the commits we have now.

Second, it's not like his buyout clause is going to be much different mathematically next year than now. So let's bite the bullet and tempt a new coach with a full cupboard of talent.

Anonymous said...

I think Swarbrick will work behind the scenes with Alumni and check the availability of potential coaches as well as the appetite for the buy out. I suspect CW will be back. If he has assist coaching changes be sure the thumb screws are turning. CW has made it known he is loyal and does not like to change staff.

Anonymous said...

weis sucks. most people know it by now. the administration and even the fat man see the writing on the wall. he'll bury this program

Anonymous said...

Have any of Weis's teams actually improved by the end of the year? Aside from USC 2005 and PSU 2006, have any of Weis's teams played with passion and attitude for an entire game? What makes anyone think year 5 will be any different?

I would give my left nut to have Brian Kelly in 2009. The guy is the real deal, and unlike Stoops, Urban Liar, and the other unattainable names being thrown around (no wonder people think ND fans are batshit crazy), I think we could have a decent chance at landing him.

Anonymous said...

I think Weis will return next year, but he'll be on a short leash. Anything short of a BCS game will be seen as failure and rightly so. As much as I wanted him to succeed, I now believe he won't. A good coach enables his team to win those games that ND loss this year.