Nov 24, 2008

Bagpipe Monday... Chariots of Fire

What a rough weekend. Motherfuckers. Ahh, the season is winding down and my blood pressure is breaking the automatic readers. Last weeks poll seemed obsolete to me at the time, because I thought the inevitable would happen and ND would beat the Orange and in doing so, would send the team packing for the Gator Bowl. Then I reread my question and it makes more sense. I was really asking if ND deserved to be in the Gator Bowl. I'm tricky like that- I fool myself all the time.

So that question again- "What bowl best fits ND in 2008?" Your answers are as follows:

  • 50% of you said the Sun Bowl
  • 33% of you said the Gator Bowl
  • 17% of you said the International Bowl

If you've ever seen Mr. Mom, then you will understand how I and ND feel this week. Don't forget to answer this weeks poll question and enjoy the pipes.


Anonymous said...

take that viva weis out

Scrot said...

No, don't do that. Make the guy FIX what he started.