Nov 22, 2008

Maurice Crum

I saw this on the Irish Illustrated board (poster: cfuentes) and thought everyone should see this. It's a little story about Mo Crum, and I thought it would be very fitting for today as the fifth year senior closes out his Fighting Irish career at Notre Dame Stadium.

In the aftermath of the 2005 USC game, it had yet to hit me what had really just
happened. I was among the few in the student section that never thought we had
won the game when the clock hit 0:00. Everyone else around me is charging the
field and I just stood there, knowing more time would be put backon the clock.
After we lost, I was devastated, but it didn't really hit home to me how close
we were and how bad this one hurt until later that night back in Siegfried (my
hall). I was standing in the hall talking to a few other kids when Mo Crum came
down the hall, tears in his eyes. He looked like he had just lost his closest
friend. His parents were already there, and when Mo Crum saw his Dad, he lost
it. He broke down in one of the worst fits of anguish I have ever experienced.
Crum Sr. Basically held him up as they hugged. It was then that I understood
what we had missed on in the stadium that day. Mo knew that winning that game
would have changed everything. It was also then that I knew ND football would
matter again under Weis. It would only be a matter of time...

Whatever you opinion of Weis is, it doesn't really matter. Cheer for your seniors today and be thankful at the way they have represented the University and the family that is Notre Dame.


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