Nov 3, 2008

Blogpoll Week 10 Draft Ballot

1Penn State 1
2Alabama 1
3Texas Tech 1
4Southern Cal 3
5Florida 1
6Oklahoma 1
7Oklahoma State 2
8Boise State 4
9Utah 2
10Texas 9
11TCU 3
12Ball State 1
13Brigham Young 10
14Ohio State 1
15Michigan State 5
16North Carolina 5
17Georgia Tech 9
18Maryland 1
19Missouri 5
20Cincinnati 6
21Pittsburgh 5
22West Virginia 4
23California 3
24Florida State 7
25LSU 1

Dropped Out: Georgia (#8), Tulsa (#10), Minnesota (#16), South Florida (#22), Notre Dame (#25).
I was late to vote in the preliminary round of ballots, but I am submitting one anyways. I'm sure my final ballot will look a little different. Let me know what you think I should do with this weeks ballot.


Kevin said...

I know Penn State is undefeated and JoPa is a great story but they are not the #1 team in the nation. Alabama, Texas Tech are both undefeated and superior teams. I know if PSU finishes undefeated and they have a good chance of ending up in the title game but they are far from the best team. Regardless of over all record, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are better than Penn St. Penn State deserves nothing more than to play USC in the Rose Bowl. However, under the current system what is deserved and what actually happens is often two different things.

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

Brian said...

I don't know how you can drop Texas all the way below Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. when they just beat those 2 teams in the past month, and they were a dropped interception on the 2nd to last play against Tech away from remaining #1. I think they should be #6.

SubwayDomer26 said...

I realize the Penn State ranking looks a little overboard and I will probably put Alabama or TT at #1 for the final vote. I don't know, I will have to give it some more thought.

I see the mistake in my Texas ranking- that will be fixed.

Thanks for the comments guys.