Oct 29, 2008

Irish Blogger Gathering: Michael Myers Is My Uncle

This weeks IBG post is brought to you by those guys over at Charlie's Nasties. They are REALLY confident Weis is sticking around for a long time. Seeing as Halloween is approaching this week, Pops is getting festive with the Trick-or-Treat post.
So without further delay, here is my massacre for the week...


1. A loss to Washington would have been spooky, but we were able to pull it out. What was your favorite part of the victory?
A lot of guys got significant playing time for the first time this season. Most of these guys already saw a little bit of action this year but it was nice to have that large of a lead to let Sharpley come in and take a few snaps as well as having Jonas Gray run all over the place in mop up duty. Gray passed the eyeball test. It was also encouraging to see Ray Herring get so much playing time. He lead the team in tackles. This is a big deal. Weis was criticized for not just playing underclassmen last year, but for having so many upperclassmen with little or no experience. This will pay huge dividends in the future.

The fact that this kid has parents- is what is really scary.

2. Charlie's Nasties does a Duds and Studs segment to reflect on every game. Name one player/coach that could have done better against the Huskies and one player/coach that stepped it up.

The player that could have done better: Mike Anello. You're outraged, I know. Mean-spirited? Never, but it is drawing close to Halloween and Mike Anello was impersonating a cornerback at the end of the game. He had his hand on the ball before the Washington receiver caught it for the touchdown. Come on Mike, save the shutout! Look, everyone knows that Jimmy didn't have his best game and he should get this honor, but I'm sure it will be pointed out a few more times. Mike is what I like to call a "football player", he should have made the play.

How about James Aldridge stepping up his game!? Aldridge had 13 carries for 84 yards (6.5 avg) and two touchdowns. He is starting to really assert himself as the go to guy on short yardage and the coaches are giving him the opportunity to do so. His cuts looks better than they did in 2007, he has a lot more explosion, and he is breaking a few more tackles as well. His play has been very encouraging this year.

"I'm still the best gunner in college football!"

3. Halloween involves people abandoning reality for awhile to dress up and imitate something that they are not. Pick one Halloween costume with traits you would like to see from the Notre Dame football team the rest of the season.

A vampire. Simply stated: we need to go for the throat and suck the life out of our victims when the chance presents itself. Weis has the tendency to sit on a 14 point lead. Fuck that- pile it on and gain more strength.

4. When trick-or-treating as a kid, there always seemed to be at least one house that handed out apples. What aspect of the football team this year is the biggest apple in your candy bag (aka biggest disappointment)?

Probably the sack numbers. I have been a pretty strong defender of the no sack producing blitzes that the Irish have been running this year, but I still am a little disappointed. I find that we are getting a lot of good pressure, but just aren't getting the quarterback on his ass enough times. There is much more speed on this defense than there has been in a long time, but that has been at the expense of a little size as well. I can't help but wonder if the defensive ends were a little more stout and Harrison Smith as well, that they might break through more blocks.

I like the pressure and most of the results- I just wish they laid out the QB a few more time. (Washington, of course, was the exception).

5. This year, October 31st is coincidentally also the opener for ND's Mens Basketball team (preseason against Briar Cliff). Say a few words about one player that will make have the biggest impact on the success of the team this season (apologies to non-bball fans, but I couldn't resist).

I am in full football mode and do not wish to even think about basketball right now, but... I'll give it a whirl. I'll say Kyle McAlarney. His leadership and ability to not only shoot the rock from outside but also to distribute it to the guys underneath. Harangody made huge strides last year, but I think the team will rest on Kyle's shoulders and shooting touch.


Pops said...

Nice responses, Subway. Maybe I'll run into you at the game this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like that kids poster...only I think he should be even bigger!!

Notre Dumb Sucks!! GO BUCKS!!!

SubwayDomer26 said...

Carole, you are retarded... just like that kid.
Speak when spoken to.

Anonymous said...

ouch...that hurt...