Oct 22, 2008

Blogpoll Top 25 Week 8

1 Texas (75)
2 Alabama (1)
3 Penn State (1)
4 Oklahoma
5 Oklahoma State
6 Southern Cal
7 Florida
8 Texas Tech
9 Georgia
10 Ohio State
11 Utah
12 LSU
13 Boise State
14 TCU
15 South Florida
16 Pittsburgh
17 Missouri
18 Georgia Tech
19 Ball State
20 Tulsa
21 Kansas
22 Boston College
23 Brigham Young
24 Minnesota
25 Northwestern

Also Receiving Votes: Florida State(2.4), Virginia Tech(1.3), Cincinnati(0.9), Michigan State(0.8), North Carolina(0.4), Vanderbilt(0.3), Oregon(0.3), Arizona(0.2), Wake Forest(0.2), California(0.2), Maryland(0.2),

Total Ballots: 77

Votes by blog here, votes by team here.

Brian has the commentary and full poll up at CBS Sports.

This week, Subway Domer walked away with the Mr. Bold award for off the wall top 10 that had Tulsa, Utah, and Boise St. living large. I've been ready to defend such actions with answers such as:
  • At least I have Ball State lower
  • They keep winning
  • #1 offense in the country

My ideology may change in the coming weeks- or even next week. I just think that a few schools outside of the BCS conference teams should be given a little more respect. It's hard for me to rank any team ahead of another that has more losses at this point in the season ( Yet, I do it so easily with Ball State- makes you wonder). So we'll just have to wait and see.

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