Oct 13, 2008

Blogpoll Week 7 Draft

For the past 7-8 weeks, I have posted my votes for the Blogpoll without comment. The beginning of the season is such a crapshoot and I voted in a straight forward manner.

No longer.

1Texas 6
2Alabama --
3Penn State 1
4Oklahoma State 12
5Texas Tech 3
6Brigham Young 1
7Utah 3
8Boise State 7
9Tulsa 9
10Oklahoma 9
11Southern Cal --
12Ohio State --
13Missouri 10
14Florida --
15Georgia 2
16Kansas 5
17Ball State --
18Michigan State 1
19North Carolina 1
20Wake Forest 6
21Minnesota 5
22Pittsburgh 1
23LSU 17
24Virginia Tech --
25Vanderbilt 16

Dropped Out: Northwestern (#22), Notre Dame (#25).


  • I was going to go with just the 10 unbeatens, but I just couldn't put Ball State in the top 10.
  • Texas is deserving of the #1 spot because of its win over OU.
  • Oklahoma state really shoots up after a win on the road against Mizzu.
  • Tulsa has the best offense in college football. Deal with it.


  • This is basically the fight for the best team with one loss.
  • Ball State remains at #17.
  • These spots should see a lot of changes in the next week or two.


  • Minnesota makes an appearance in my ballot this week at #21 after it's upset win on the road at Illinois.
  • LSU and Vanderbilt reside in these parts... for now. I feel both teams got exposed and 2 or 3 more losses from these teams is a definite.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the poll, please comment and let me know what you think.