Oct 6, 2008

Blogpoll Roundtable... Carnival Edition

This weeks Blogpoll Roundtable is brought to you by Barking Carnival. This guy hates Mark May as much as the rest of us.
1. Please observe the latest ESPN Heisman Watch. What gridiron presence draws your suspicion and ire?
Mark Sanchez. He only received one vote and that was of the 5th place variety, but that was one vote too many. He lost to Oregon State, he looked like shit doing it, and he looks like Richard Rameriz after a visit to Old Country Buffet. People give ND shit for the media hyping up its players and team, but have you ever seen so many "experts" gush over a team and player as much as ESPN did in the offseason? Overrated is the term that comes to mind, but that isn't fitting enough.

2. In World War I, British troops were famously characterized as “Lions Led By Donkeys.” What Donkey leading a college football team of Lions is leading his troops into the Somme again this Saturday? Who should replace him after the court martial?
I will resist the obvious, I will resist the obvious, I will resist the obvious... Fuck it. Ty Willingham of course. Ty has been absolutely dreadful, which is exactly where he left off at Notre Dame. The thing about Ty's "Lions" is that he is losing his cubs. He can't recruit and the prospects are staying away from Seattle. He should be fired... right now. Is that racist? It is if you ask John Saunders the Al Sharpton of College Football analysts.
Who should replace him? The hot name going around is Lane Kiffin, but perhaps Washington should try to go after someone with some sort of success at any level as a head coach. What about Fresno State head coach Pat Hll? His tough gritty demeanor and his ability to do more with less has been evident for years.

"Jake Locker? Whoo-Hoo!!!"

3. It’s conventional wisdom that it is “good for the game” when certain NFL teams - Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay - or certain NBA teams - LA, Boston, New York - are strong. Others would contend that this is the arrogant self-importance of the traditional elite. With the resurgence of historic programs like Alabama and possibly Notre Dame (now believed to be turning-the-corner in 12 of its last 15 seasons) is it good for college football when certain name programs are strong? If not, why not?

I know what your thinking. You think that I think that you think that I have a pretty clear answer here. But, alas... I don't. Do I think it is good for college football to have its traditional powers playing well and ranked high? Yes I do. It sparks a bigger interest in terms of tradition and TV ratings and it is easier to grasp the concept of who is the best team in College football as the season progresses.

However, the BCS must die. The system is broken and the best way to blow it up is to bust it up with teams like BYU, Utah, and Boise State. These teams have no shot to win a national title and that is really a bunch of bullshit when you figure that the Big East, The Pac-10, and even the ACC are inferior top to bottom to the Mountain West this year. I love the parody and it is an essential part of working towards a 4 team playoff some time in the life of my children.

4. A related question: what team with some record of success could fall off of the face of the earth and CFB wouldn’t miss a beat? Who fancies themselves a name brand, but aren’t?

Because the strength of the overall product of college football is very strong, this answer could have a list of 20+ names. One comes to mind though- Wisconsin. First, they reside in the Big Ten where they will always be overshadowed by Michigan and Ohio State and the Badgers have already lost to both of those teams this year. They try to work their way into the national discussion every year with wins over bad non conference games, and sure wins over the likes of Indiana, Minnesota, and Northwestern. But, they could go 6-6 every year for the next decade and no one will care outside of the cheeseheads themselves.

5. Texas/OU in Big D. Okie State @ Mizzou. Penn State @ Wiscy. LSU @ Florida. We have Longhorn, Cowboy, Badger, Tiger - which dog is most likely to get it done?

I have to go with Texas. Oklahoma is still Oklahoma and struggles under the national spotlight. Their wins are impressive this year, but who did they beat? I have them #1 this week, but I would have to bet that i will drop them out of the top 5 after they lose to Texas. just a hunch.

6. What currently unranked team will we be hearing about soon?

Straight homer here. Notre Dame. If they beat North Carolina on the road, they should go unbeaten heading into the yearly ass pounding the Irish get from the Trojans. You are already hearing about them, but just wait until they are 8-1 with Navy, Syracuse, and USC left on the schedule. You should be hearing a lot and on the flip side, if ND doesn't produce like I think they can, you will still be hearing something about them. people hate us.

7. What ranked team will finish outside of the Top 25?

Kansas. They still have to play Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Texas Tech. I will say those are 4 losses right there. There stock is heading DOWN. Thanks for visiting the top 25... now back to irrelevance for you.