Oct 20, 2008

Blogpoll Draft Week 8

1Texas --
2Penn State 1
3Alabama 1
4Oklahoma State --
5Texas Tech --
6Tulsa 3
7Utah --
8Boise State --
9Oklahoma 1
10Southern Cal 1
11Ohio State 1
12Florida 2
13Georgia 2
14Ball State 3
15Minnesota 6
16Georgia Tech 10
17TCU 9
18Boston College 8
19Pittsburgh 3
20Cincinnati 6
21Florida State 5
22LSU 1
23Brigham Young 17
24Arizona 2
25Maryland 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#13), Kansas (#16), Michigan State (#18), North Carolina (#19), Wake Forest (#20), Virginia Tech (#24), Vanderbilt (#25).
  • One change from my ballot last week, and this one is kind of big. I took Penn St. and moved them ahead of Alabama at #2. Although PSU struggled in the first half, I thought they way they player in the second half made up for it quite nicely.


  • BYU drops out of the top 10 and Southern Cal creeps in. Man, they are snakes.
  • Tulsa butts right in after putting up 77 points against UTEP. Ball State and


  • Ball State (still can't put them in the top 10 with the other undefeated teams) and Minnesota make their first appearance in my top 15.


  • All the teams are newcomers.
  • Georgia Tech is a team I think I just forgot about, but they keep winning.
  • TCU proved that they were the better team against BYU.
  • B.C. has one loss- to Georgia Tech, but they still have to prove they can win on the road against a good opponent.
  • Cincinnati may only be here for another week or two.

#21- #25:

  • Florida State crawls back into the top 25.
  • LSU will reside here until I see something more out of them.
  • Maryland and Arizona are two of the better two loss teams... and all of the one loss teams are already in.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions on what the final ballot from Subway Domer should look like.

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