Aug 4, 2008

Beer Olympics VS. AK-47

You will, no doubt, see the following pics on a lot of different blogs and websites soon enough as they have already surfaced at The Big Lead. Good for them. Somehow they manged to survive a 3-9 season, stay in good standing academically, and party like a rock star (even if it might be a rock star from an 80's pop band). I'm positive that I see no AK-47's being shot in the air in the background or a stacks of mad cash.


Save the holier than thou speech for your wives, kids, and parents.


SubwayDomer26 said...

No other Irish defensive player other than Brian Smith was up for the challenge?
Tenuta needs to step in...

tenict said...

Times like those in the picture will pay dividends during the core of the upcoming football season. I agree with subwaydomer26.


SirJohn said...

As I said at DD, As Claue Rains said in Casablanca. "I'm shocked, shocked."

James said...

"While Jimmy Clausen is horsing around with these kind of shenanigans Tim Tebow is learning Farsi and saving crack babies"

Awesome comment (from another board)

Face Mask said...

Making Crack Babies???

tenict said...

Do you really mean that a Gator athlete is doing some thing good? Florida is rated the #1 party school, and that certainly extends to their athletic program.

Sirjohn said...

Tenict: Yes i would take an AK 47 to any florida party site. Better them then me. I'll be Baaaack."

tenict said...

As one can only imagine, the "wonderful" writers with whom most Irish supporters are familiar are writing their death sentences for JC and the others in the picture.

I have to wonder what they were like as college students. They will be happy if the young men in the picture are all booted off the team until second semester.

What a bunch of creeps!

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