Aug 13, 2008

Oh, It's So... Weird

You may be looking at this post and are starting to think that something is fucked up. Then you glance over at the new poll on the right and think "Hey, somethings different."

Congratulations genius. Something is!

First, I have took the shoutbox and thrown that motherfucker in the trash. It has worn out its use as I will get to in a minute. In its place, I have added a poll. Now this weeks poll is to gauge how you, the reader, feel about the new changes. What the plan is, is that every Monday after I post the "Bagpipe Monday" post, I will have a new poll of whatever stupid ass thing I think up that week.

The biggest change is the new commenting forum that I have installed. I saw it on Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and thought it was a good idea. I encourage you to use this new system instead of the shoutbox that's fucking gone anyways. Sign up and witness the magic of posting on a blog that is amazingly similar to some chat forums. I really feel that most blogs will start using this kind of commenting in the near future.

Now a lot of you that come to Subway Domer are avid NDLNA users. You should be. That site is the motherfucking shiznit. I pimp just about every post I write on that site. Some of you comment regularly on on my posts at NDLNA. That's great, but I ask that you give my new buddy ( intensedebate) a try as well. If you comment on NDLNA, copy and paste it on the new comment section at Subway Domer. See if you like it.

Also, I will be adding even MORE blogs to my blogrolls soon. If you think a blog is badass and think I should have a link to it, let me know and I'll give it a consideration. Blogs like Black Heart Gold Pants, Burnt Orange Nation, Rockey Top Talk, and others are too good not to peruse throughout the week. They will be linked here.

Let me know what you all think about the changes and I'll keep on posting mediocre and juvenile posts!


The Subway Domer

P.S. - Due to the fact I am a total dipshit, I have somehow vaporized all previous comments by accident. I'm trying to get them back... like you care.

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