Aug 19, 2008

Blogpoll Revisited

After a long hard look at my first ballot for the blogpoll and after watching a string of injuries, arrests, suspensions, and other factors, I have revised my ballot. This is keeping with the tradition that Blogpoll founder and administrator Brian Cook of MgoBlog has set forth. And to tell you the truth, this may not be the last tweak before the final ballots are to be turned in on Wednesday. We'll see.

1Ohio State 25
2Oklahoma 24
3Missouri 23
4Clemson 22
5Florida 21
6Southern Cal 20
7West Virginia 19
8Georgia 18
9Texas Tech 17
10Texas 16
11Brigham Young 15
12LSU 14
13Auburn 13
14Tennessee 12
15Arizona State 11
16Oregon 10
17Wake Forest 9
18Wisconsin 8
19South Florida 7
20Virginia Tech 6
21Utah 5
22South Carolina 4
23Fresno State 3
24Pittsburgh 2
25Notre Dame 1

Dropped Out: