Aug 4, 2008

Bagpipe Monday... LATE!!!

I may be late, but I'd bet that the St. Andrew's Pipes and Drums never are. Enjoy.


tenict said...

Subway, no apology needed for being late. All of your posts on "Bagpipe Monday" have been enjoyed. The pipes are always so special.

We will attend, along with about 45,000, the Long's Peak Highland Festival in Estes Park, CO September 5-6...including the Tatoo, concerts, and a parade with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

That afternoon, will be Irish time to watch our Notre Dame Irish demolish SDSU.

Thank you.

SubwayDomer26 said...

That sounds awesome Tenict. I would love to post a good pic if you get one. Let me know!

Face Mask said...

That was worth the wait SD.