Nov 9, 2007

Let's Finish This

Over the past few weeks, this blog and my e-mail account has been filling up with hate notes. Some of you out there are having a hard time dealing with reality and quite honestly, are acting like a bunch of asses. Why? Because in your warped minds, you have somehow come to the conclusion that Subway Domer is a Weis hater. In your peanut sized brains, you put criticism in line with hate. How misguided you are. Are you the ones that would cry like a baby in practice because a coach would yell at you when you screwed up? I'm guessing that you were. It is quite funny that the same coach you defend so adamantly, is the kind of guy who would yell at you for your mistakes and drop you down about 50 notches.

So, let me state what I thought rational people would gather from the few posts that I have ripped into Charlie.

  1. I like Charlie Weis.
  2. I believe in Charlie Weis.
  3. I want Charlie Weis as our Head Coach.

I have never once, in any post on Subway Domer or on any message board (subwaydomer26 and skelaton26 are my screen names) said that Weis is no good or that I think that he should be fired. That kind of insanity is well... insane. But I'll get to that in a moment.

I truly believe in what Charlie is trying to do with the program. I just think that he has made some mistakes along the way. What do we expect? Nobody is perfect and Charlie is the type of coach who will learn from these mistakes. Remember, his only other Head Coaching gig was for a high school in New Jersey a long time ago. (The exact date escapes me and I am on too much of a roll to look it up). But none of that doesn't mean that he can't be criticized for his mistakes! Personal attacks may be a bit much, but call me the "kettle" and Weis the "pot" then. Anger has its ways of putting words into peoples mouths and on computer screens. Charlie is a "Jersey Guy", he can take it. He will get this program moving in the right direction after this season. It is what so many Irish followers have stated already, The perfect storm. Tough schedule, bad recruiting with the upperclassmen, and a total lack of experience with most of our players on the 2 deep roster. Add that with being Notre Dame and getting the best game from every team that plays you because, you are ND... and it all adds up to this nightmare 1-8 season.

Now for all you Weis HATERS. You are worse than the others. At least those people are loyal to the program. You on the other hand, have no idea what a Weis firing would do to this program. It would BURY it. No hope for like 4 -6 years. Think Faust only worse. You are the fair weather pricks I despise with every ounce of my being. You are the rats that tear apart the weak and jump ship when the seas are rough. I hate you. Please go away. the good news for me and others like me is that Weis isn't going anywhere. You may cry all you want right now, but Charlie is the Head Coach of ND. And that's the way I like it.


JB said...

I agree that Weis is going to turn things around. I am a diehard fan from PA in "State Penn" country (ugh). But I believe in Weis, and yeah, this year totally stinks (only 1 Nevin O'Donnell video to watch!!!), but the truth is that if his current players and incoming recruits believe in him, and they're the only ones who know how he is at practice, etc., then why should we, as fans, not. Of course, it's hard to watch ND lose AT home each week, but we must believe that better days are ahead. And who in the heck would we get as head coach if Weis were to be fired?
Don't hate you, Subway Domer26 -- I enjoy your take on things going on each week.

Scrot said...

Subway, you, once again, tell it EXACTLY as it is! People forget that most young kids take time to acclimate themselves from high school to BIG TIME college football.

As the Rolling Stones sang "Time, is on my side. Yes it is".


Anonymous said...

Its one season, people. Charlie is still learning the ropes as HC. Our D-Coordinator is also brand freakin' new to such a role. There's talent and pride and effort. It will come together. The resurgence will seem that much more remarkable when reflecting back on 2007.

IrishGlory said...

Subway - As I read your article, this story popped into my head. A few weeks ago, Bill Parcells was on a sports talk radio show in NY. He was discussing his early struggles as coach of the Giants and the clashes he had with Phil Simms. The host asked him why he felt he struggled. Parcells answered that at that time, he was still in his "developmental" years as a coach. I firmly believe that Charlie is still growing and developing as a head coach. Not all coaches show up as finished products to a particular job and ND and the fans should have known this when we hired Charlie. In my view, he has done MANY more things right than he has done wrong. What encourages me about Charlie is that he really does zero in on the mistakes and the problems and has shown the ability and the decisiveness to fix them. I remain excited for the futre. I remain convinced that Charlie is and will be the right coach for ND over the long term.

sir john said...

We will prevail. I know it is difficult to think that today in 2007, but give it time.

irishjay09 said...

i agree with you 100%. every coach makes errors, the only difference is that ND is constantly under the media microscope, and if the coach makes 1 mistake it's taken completely out of proportion. before the year started i thought this year would be a rebuilding year, adn it has proved just that. firing weis would be the dumbest thing ND has ever done (including hiring Faust, a proven high school coach). Weis has a strong relationship w/ND, his players, and future players, and he truly wants to be the ND coach. He understands the pressure that comes with the job (something davie & willingham couldnt comprehend) and has still committed himself to the program. three years ago Urban Meyer declined the job not bc ND is not an attractive job, but bc he knew that in order for things to turn around there would be a year or two of complete misery. i believe that weis will get things turned around quickly, and we will be a national title contender by next year