Nov 28, 2007

What Now?

This seems a lot like the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden. No more Irish football. You think I'm being a little too dramatic? Perhaps, but even after a disaster season such as the 2007 season was, I will still miss the Irish playing as much as I miss anything that I love.

But I digress before I even progressed. The question standing is; What now? Now we watch other teams all month long in meaningless bowl games that determine nothing. All the while, stuffing our fat faces with delicious holiday treats and waiting ever so patiently for National Signing Day and then Spring practice. sigh.

As far as this blog goes, to you my loyal readers (and haters), I will continue to bring my take to the table on all things that pertain to Fighting Irish football and NCAA D-1 football for that matter. Sorry hoops fans, my wife would feed me my nuts if I covered the hard wood as much as I cover what happens on the gridiron. If you need coverage of Men's hoops, check out Notes From The Geetar and Black and Green. If you are into Hockey, then go check out Colonialhead's Irish Blog if you haven't already.

This is what you can expect from your Emperor: Subway Domer...

  • Tribute pieces for all of the Fifth Year Seniors, as well as a tribute for any seniors this year that will not be coming back to Notre Dame for their fifth year.
  • The SDA's. Subway Domer Awards. (This is not a STD contrary to some previous statements).
  • Bowl coverage. This is how I started Subway Domer. (And poorly I might add)
  • The Subway Domer Bowl Battle. A contest for you all to play, and you can win a free prize. wow.
  • Extensive recruiting coverage. I'm not sure any blog or free site will bring you more coverage of the next incoming class. Bold statement? Maybe, but I follow this stuff with a passion and have a lot of plans for future posts to prove myself right.
  • Complete coverage of the Spring practice sessions and the Blue-Gold itself.

Alright, that about does it. If any of you would like to see anything else on Subway Domer, let me know either via e-mail or the shoutbox.

Go Irish!


Face Mask said...

SD,do you think there are any guys in the recruiting class who will be imediate impact players and if so who are they?

Face Mask said...

Have you herd anything about Haywood leaving the program?

SubwayDomer26 said...

I have heard a little about Haywood leaving, but just that there might be some interest by NIU. Impact freshman players? The most likely would be Michael Floyd. Another one would be Omar Hunter. Omar could squeeze into the rotation ala Ian Williams because of depth issues that could be caused if Kuntz moves over to DE.

Jared said...

See now this is an interesting logjam... Ian Williams came out to be a big surprise and took over for Kuntz pretty seamlessly but Hunter is coming in as an immediate impact sort of player... what do you do?

Think Hunter just pushes Williams or does pass him? Or do we redshirt him and just have Newman be the backup?

Colonialhead said...

Thanks for the plug Subway. I'll be anxiously awaiting that Dwight Stephenson tribute.

SubwayDomer26 said...

Jared, it all depends on if there is going to be any position switches with Kuntz to DE or even Ryan to DE (which is unlikely) I think Omar will see the field about as much as Ian did this year. The best D-lines are the one with depth, allowing a rotation and fresh bodies.

BlackandGreen said...

Thanks for the plug! The hoops team will be showcased on ESPN tonight in what could be a season-definining matchup against Kansas State.