Oct 15, 2007

From the Mind of $crot

October 15, 2007

God damn, another loss. My liver really can’t take much more. Did Evan Sharpley look like a man on a mission, or what? I couldn’t decide if it was him or Tony Romo out there. Evan played with the kind of urgency that you would expect of a junior fighting to win a QB job. I was very impressed the way he moved when the pocket collapsed. Jimmy “Cinder Block Feet” Claussen needs to really take notice. However, Sharpley was terrible throwing the deep ball. For ND to be successful the QB’s have to be able to get the ball down field to the speed burners and let them make something happen. Remember how Quinn would just get the ball near Samardzija or Stovall and let them go get it? That’s what this team needs.

One thing that no one is talking about is the quality teams ND is suiting up against each week. The total record of their seven opponents is 35-13. That’s not even including our next three opponents USC (5-1), Navy (4-2) and Air Force (5-2). The top two teams in the BCS are playing cupcakes. Ohio State’s seven wins have come against teams with a total record of 23-25. Three of those seven wins are against a 1-AA school and two MAC schools. Don’t even get me started on South Florida, whose opponent’s records total 22-16. The BCS is a joke.

Another guy transferred? No big deal, just weeding out the sissies.


CNY_Domer said...


Evan might not look good throwing the ball down field. But, at least he is getting it the fuck down field. I am so tired of seeing the 5 yd out route or slant that is quite often appearing for the Weis gameplan. I dont know if that is the Jimmy's inability or the coachs fault

Scrot said...

Agree 100%.