Nov 1, 2007

From the Mind of $crot

The Irish MUST beat Navy on Saturday. They must beat them and then piss on them while they are down. A loss to Navy would snap a 43-game winning streak, which is the longest winning streak against one team. A loss to Navy would be the ultimate slap in the face to every Irish fan that still tunes in each and every Saturday. A loss to Navy will bring out even more columns, questioning the job that Charlie Weis is doing.

Navy is ranked 114th in the country in scoring defiense. The Irish are ranked 118th in scoring offense, so something has got to give. Navy is going to run the hell out of the ball and the Irish have to stop them and force many third and long situations. I am confident that our corners can rise to the occiasion. The offense needs to play mistake-free football on saturday. No stupid penalties and no turnovers.



sir john said...

I can't disagree we sure do need another win....Just to equal evil eye Ty.

WeisGipper said...

Well one good indicator of why we will win is that Lou Holtz is giving Navy their Thursday Night Pep Talk.

Go over to Irish Band of Brothers and find out more.

OC Domer said...

Must beat Navy? Absolutely.

Piss on them when they're down? It's your blog, but I find that totally disrespectful and inappropriate.

JB said...

If Navy beats ND is it time for big Charlie to start packing his bags?

SubwayDomer26 said...

Hey JB, good to see you again. I was wondering if you were one of the Pikes throwing shit at the buckeye And no he wouldn't be done if we lost. Nor will he be fired if we lost. It is what it is... a lost season and has been for some time. There is a bright future ahead ONLY if Weis is at the helm. And we WILL win. The streak continues.

sir john said...

I agree with you Subway.