Oct 16, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks... B.C. 2007

  • Brian Smith. This kid is going to be a good one. We have heard that line all week... and I like it. KABOSH!
  • Evan Sharpley. The kid comes in and good things happen. Take that 1 off of his jersey and he might remind you of another QB coming off of the bench. Well, at least a little bit.
  • Trevor Laws. He should receive a headbutt every hour on the hour for what he means to this team. KABOSH!
  • Robby Parris. Samardzija didn't break out until his junior year. Robby is a sophomore and reminds a lot of people of Jeff. Personally, I think he looks like Bob.

Groin Kicks

  • Charlie Weis. I have a lot of reasons this week, but one will suffice. Does opening up an offense begin with the same lame swing passes and dive plays? I think not... swift kick to the junk.
  • Silva. Get a fucking haircut, hippie.
  • Fredo Fans. You suck. And your dialect is amusing to no one.
  • NBC. Seriously, does ND get that big of a check that you feel the need for 44 extra minutes of commercials?
  • Jaghjghjgdasofdski. Your reaction to one second remaining in the game was pathetic. Don't worry big boy, the refs you brought were paid well and can not add 14 points to ND's total with only a second remaining. Boston College is the right fit for you. Dick.
  • Those psychotic, fat pocketed, prick refs. Turk finally blocks a guy (the first all year) and he gets penalized for it. Made my day. One kick for each of your nuts. That's a double nut smash.


Kevin said...

I'm an Irish fan/alum, and you are an embarassing turd-burglar.

SubwayDomer26 said...

Am I embarassing because I can curse with the likes of Andrew "Dice" Clay? Or is it because you feel the need to knock on someone who stopped using the word "turd" in 3rd grade?
Thanks for stopping by!

WeisGipper said...

Kevin, if you are an alum as you say you are, at least you could come up with something more eloquant than turd burglar.

Scrot said...
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Scrot said...

TURD BURGLAR? I haven't heard that referenced since Beavis and Butthead went off the air! Are we sure this guy's not an Ohio State alum?

"Dammit Beavis, I'm trying to score!"