Nov 5, 2007

Stream Of Unconsciousness

My 11th and 12th grade C.P. English teacher had a writing exercise for us students called "The Stream of Consciousness." Basically, we took 10 minutes and wrote down anything and everything that came to mind. Because I do not have the stomach to write anything worthwhile about the game versus Navy, this is all I can muster... unconsciously.


  • This team can't tackle for shit.
  • Navy deserves credit, and Charlie Weis deserves blame.
  • Why did we try to run the clock down with Navy the entire game?
  • I started to make a list of all the big plays that helped decide this game. To my dismay, I stopped around number 18.
  • This was a great game to watch. Kind of. Any game ND loses is bad and this was to Navy.
  • We just lost to NAVY.
  • Kick the bloody field goal fat man.
  • 1-8. I am allowed to call Weis out.
  • I will also stick by Weis. If not him then who?
  • I liked the way we ran the ball. Of course, so has every other Navy opponent this year.
  • Robert Hughes deserved that TD. In all my years and of all the games I have gone to, that TD was the only one that put chills up my spine and a tear to my eye. R.I.P. Earl Hughes. Little brother is going to be O.K.
  • Fuck all you Zibby haters. He put us in the position for Weis to make a horrible call to NOT kick the FG.
  • Headbutts and Groin Kicks might have seen their last days. My head hurts and I have a high ankle sprain.
  • I wanted to punch every fan, as I left the stadium, and heard so many of them say "At least the game was competitive." And then my wife said it. I love my wife. I love my wife.
  • Pass interference on Walls. And I'm a Gator fan.
  • NBC is the Ant-Christ. Nothing but absolute evil would torture so many with their thirst for TV timeouts.
  • This may be the best college football season ever. AND WE ARE 1-8!!! Something is screwy.
  • I hear we will be underdogs to AFA. Wake me up and tell me Quinn is still taking snaps for the Irish.
  • We are 1-8 and still able to give ESPN front page news.
  • A radio "personality" said Weis was arrogant for trying to score a TD instead of kicking the field goal. It was STUPID... not arrogant dipshit.
  • How many guys are going to leave? Aldridge was quoted after the game in an interview and said" This is the only place I want to be." O.K. What about everybody else?
  • Indiana is going to a bowl game. NOTRE DAME IS 1-8!!!
  • I like what I am seeing from the freshman and most of the sophomores.
  • B.C. lost to FSU. Sweet justice.
  • #34 sack on Sharpley in mid-air. Fucking sick.
  • At least we don't have to hear any more about "The Streak" It's over and it has been due now for over a decade.
  • This sucks.
  • Congratulations to the Naval Academy. Now go find Bin Laden.
  • This sucks.
  • Go Irish!!!


sir john said...

Crying that an ND fan I admire calls my coach Fat man.....

SubwayDomer26 said...

I just told myself "Try harder"

JB said...

I asked you before if CW's job would be in jeopardy if they lost to navy. You responded with a hearty: No. I can truly appreciate that (as a fan of a team with a head coach many say should retire).
I don't think Weis should be fired after this year he deserves a little more time to get things in order (as Willingham did). However, that 10 yr contract just got a lot shorter if he doesn't start to deliver soon. Or will he be HC in 2016 no matter what?

Anonymous said...

Go Seamen!!!

SubwayDomer26 said...

Screw you Carol!