Aug 27, 2009

Subway Domer College Football Pick-Em: Week 1 Games

Alright playas, here are your games for week one. The underdog is on the left and the favorite is on the right. The underdog is blue and the favorite is red. Remember to include your school name in the e-mail with your picks. Picks need to be emailed to me by Thursday at 6 PM.

Nevada @ Notre Dame

South Carolina @ North Carolina State

Oregon @ Boise State

Navy @ Ohio State

Akron @ Penn State

San Jose State @ U$C

Georgia @ Oklahoma State

Missouri @ Illinois

Louisiana-Monroe @ Texas

BYU VS. Oklahoma

Virginia Tech VS. Alabama

Buffalo @ UTEP

Memphis VS. Ole' Miss

Good Luck & GO IRISH!!!


Anonymous said...

No Miami v. FSU??

SubwayDomer26 said...

Monday is a little late.

Anonymous said...

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