Aug 7, 2009

Sizing Up Media Day... Uno

I stated in the last post that I would give a little commentary for the events that took place on media day. So let's bulletpoint this motherfucker:

  • That was the first press conference from Weis that I thought was as legit as it gets. No bullshit, no cheesy bullshit, and refreshing. Weis has always spoke too much at these things- so to sit there and watch him give short answers and Tresselesque vanilla ones for the others was fascinating. He is starting to finally get, what a Head Coach, especially at Notre Dame, is supposed to say. Not a whole lot but the obvious facts. Bravo Chuck.
  • There was only one direct question about the defense outside of the inevitable Te'o question. It was, "Talk about the toughness of your defensive line, how they'll be against the run this year?" That was it. I doubt Weis would get into any kind of real depth about the defensive side of the ball, but don't you have to ask something about the the secondary, and more about the linebackers (other than Te'o)? Give me something on Sergio- DAMN!
  • The moves along the offensive line are encouraging. Something had to be done. However, you should keep an eye out for Wenger in the near future. Yes he is taking a back seat, but this might put him in a different mindset and push him into the player he is supposed to be. I am glad that Trevor Robinson is going to be on the field more. He is probably our best lineman.

And that's about it. Notre Dame was ranked #23 in the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Here's a few videos with Randy Hart and Frank Verducci:

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