Oct 8, 2007

Headbutts And Groin Kicks Post Bruin Beatdown

  • Mo Crum. If you saw the game there really isn't anything more I could say that would put into perspective how huge he played. Lights out.
  • Brandon Walker. 48 yard field goals? Since when do we make those? October 6th 2007.
  • Zibby and Laws. One hit sealed the game.
  • Kerry Neal and Brian Smith. Pressure. These two are really becoming a force on the outside.
  • Clausen. No turnovers versus a very good UCLA "D"

Groin Kicks

  • Bruce Davis. You lost. Now shut the fuck up.
  • Dan Fouts. You mess up every play call with something, whether it be a name, a play, or confusing UCLA's black coordinator with ND's and calling him Corwin Brown. (Racist) I'm sure this kick in the nuts will not phase him as Danny boy lost his nuts years ago to Keith Jackson in a bet. (Who was the worst college talking head... ever)
  • Boston College. I can already hear the Super Dicks talking shit.
  • Anyone who has ever had a penalty called on a Zibby punt return. Please stop. We need his yards.
  • Subway Domer. Yes me. I have to kick myself in the nuts for the coverage this past week. Horrendous. I was doing a live blog during the game (forgot to mention it to anyone) and then stopped as I can never sit still during an Irish game. I cuss, I pace, and generally I headbutt all who cross my path... sorry mom.

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