Oct 10, 2007

Eagle Eulogy

Nothing but Champs Sports Bowl bound. IU will bury you for good.

It's been a good run for Boston College this year. 6-0 for the first time since, well, forever ago. And a big congratulations is due to those mighty Eagles for their incredibly challenging first half of the season. Tough victories over Bowling Green, Army, UMass (1-AA), North Carolina State, Wake Forrest, and Georgia Tech has left BC in position to make a national statement. Ranked #4 in the country and heading to "rival" Notre Dame for the not so annual Frank Leahy Bowl/Ireland Trophy Game the Eagles are riding high.

And then the rug gets pulled out from under your feet.

Boston College realizes that despite all their efforts of cupcake scheduling, conference jumping(no loyalty), and an advertising campaign for the ridiculously over-hyped QB Matt Ryan complete with blowjobs from Doug "Is My Mullett Making A Comeback" Flutie, you are who you are. Granted this is still Notre Dame BC is playing, the Godfather, of college football. And here you are... Fredo. The runt of the litter. The backstabber. The weasel. Skunkbears in training. You are... nothing. Not even a hint of respect will you receive from the Irish faithful. All the hopes and dreams will cease and only visions of a conference championship from a conference of cellar dwellers will be left. And in the end, even that dream will crash. Yes the season is over for you now and perhaps this is all you will ever be. 8-4, 9-3, or whatever mediocre record you will accomplish will be all that you can attain.


OC Domer said...


Couldn't agree with you more. BC is a very "nice" story, but they are going to be rudely awakened when they meet a physical and battle hardened Irish squad on Saturday.

OC Domer

Bob said...

I understand the "subway series" between the NY Yankees and the Mets, but have never understood "subway" alumni of ND, since their is clearly no subway in South Bend and an elevated rail in Chicago.

In any case, your predictions about BC were hopelessly wrong.

Just curious, since you hate BC and didn't get into ND where did you go to school.

Also, regarding the cupcake accusation, any school in a conference has to play the conference opponants. BC plays Army, ND plays Navy. Even there. As for UMass and Bowling Green, UMass has only lost to BC and Appalacian State and their squad is full of D-1A transfers. Bowling Green is also respected in their conference. I would rather see BC schedule traditional football playing schools from major conferences and they are. Down the road BC is adding USC, Northwestern and Syracuse.