Oct 1, 2007

From the Mind Of $crot

October 1, 2007
You’ve really got to love technology. The world has become so technologically advanced that a guy can take his wife and kids to the zoo and still keep in touch with the world of sports. I have to give a lot of props to Curtis Metz for keeping me posted on the Irish and the Mets games going on Saturday afternoon via text message. He came through in the clutch and deserves much love, even for a gay Ohio State fan.
So I missed the game and forgot to set the VCR. I really need to invest in a DVR for my dish. They used to replay the ND games on MASN on Sunday mornings, but not this year. I think I have even seen an ND replay on a Catholic channel as well.
One of the text messages I received read as follows: “Claussen out with injury…..Sharpley moving the ball well”. Another read “26-19 Purdue……ND is coming back….8 mins to go”. I used the messages to try to play the game in my head, but it didn’t work. The funny thing about this team is that you can’t even imagine what it would be like to come from behind, because they have yet to do so. The highlights that I did catch showed some promise. So do we have a QB controversy now? I doubt it, but it’s nice to see that we have someone in practice that could push Jimmy a little. Coach Weis has stated that Claussen is the starter, if healthy.
So now it’s on to UCLA. With as many upsets that have been happening lately, who knows what could happen.
When we returned home from our trip I tuned into the USC/Washington game. Did anyone else who watched think that Washington’s uniforms strongly resembled those of the Irish? The first thing I saw was a replay of the UW quarterback (who is #10) rolling out and throwing a strike to a receiver. I thought I was watching a highlight from an ND/USC game. Someone tell Tyrone-Shoelace Willingham to get over it. He sucked.
Peace Out.


SubwayDomer26 said...

Watch the game douche bag... LIVE!

Beetle said...

What I forgot to mention was that it was also for my uncle's 50th birthday. You want to tell Lum why I couldn't attend his party?

Speaking of him, I was just thinking about the time he caught you dipping during football conditioning. When he asked you what was in your teeth you replied "I had steak for lunch". Great stuff.

SubwayDomer26 said...

What the hell was Lum not watching the game for? Vis said he's going to BC as a birthday present... I hope that works out!

I always liked steak before practice... and at halftime.

Beetle said...

You see, I always like a good "steak" during the game.