Jul 24, 2007

How To Die Early...And Happy

I saw this on EDSBS and I had to spread the word. It was a link to a Penn State site that has concocted a treat so tasty and so dangerous, it has to be addictive.

DEEP FRIED CHEESEBURGERS. (Scroll down on the linked page for the recipe).

Seriously, this is fucking AWESOME!


Sir john said...

Oh God Nooooooooooo. Before I moved here i was within one block of a White Castle. I used to love em but that close proxcimity, the visits got to be one too many and today i hate them.

Sir John said...

Egadd it still sucks thinking of white castles.

Per Domer Domain we will be up ASAP with more bandwidth as we are getting a bit popular and running out of that. I'm over at small Gipper right now a nice site fighting upwards by philly a nice guy