Jul 20, 2007

Subway Domer's "There Can Be Only One"

Alright folks, here are the rules for the Subway Domer Football Pick-Em contest...

  • The games will be any team in the top 10 (AP Poll), Notre Dame, and 3 games of MY choosing. This could be potentially 14 games or as small as 7.
  • A correct pick is worth 2 points. A correct pick involving 2 top 10 teams is 4 points. A correct pick with an underdog is worth 6 points. (e.g. #2 LSU loses to #9 Florida and LSU is favored by 3.5 on spread; you pick Florida and it is worth 10 points)
  • Winner (after Conference Title Games) will receive his/her choice of 3 T-Shirts as your prize.

  • Results and updates will be on a new page (updated on Mondays), still to be made. I will provide the link to everyone.
  • To protect your privacy, I will assign every contestant with a small school name that will be e-mailed to you. That will be your ID. For example: Lllloyd Carr = Appalachian St.
  • All picks must be in by Midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.

There is still room to join if you e-mail me at subwaydomer26@gmail.com

Here is a little motivation for you to sign up...


Sir john said...

OK i EM'd you. I didn't know what you meant at the DD PM

Sir john said...

Portland state??? If you had a crying simliy I would use it.

OK..OK I am running portland state. Some shotgun... Umm Half back options and a Blessing from the Pope.

Sir john said...

I want the umm legos looking trophy