Jul 10, 2007

I Got Freshman Digits

Notre Dame released its Jersey Numbers for the incoming Frosh today.
4- Gary Gray
5- Armando Allen
7- Jimmy Clausen
14- Brandon Walker
18- Duval Kamara
23- Golden Tate
30- Harrison Smith
33- Robert Hughes
47- Aaron Nagel
50- Steve Paskorz
56- Kerry Neal
58- Brian Smith
70- Matt Romine
75- Taylor Dever
76- Andrew Nuss
83- Mike Ragone
91- Emeka Nwankwo
95- Ian Williams


Sir john said...

Whooooooooooo Nice find. Glad ragone was in there, so many were worried

Ryan said...

Last I heard Ragone is about 225 lbs and running a sub 4.4. I think Weis wants to use him more like a WR this year. Armando Allen's got my #5...solid.

OC Domer said...

I'll have whatever Subway is drinking! Three excellent posts in one day.