Jul 23, 2007

3 Dudes With ND On Their Shoulders

I was browsing the magnificent creation of YouTube and came across these videos. I have seen them before and thought you might enjoy them. These are 3 of my favorite players to don the Gold Helmets. Kicking ass all over the field!

Rocky Boiman

It seems odd the video has G-n-R instead of Metallica. Rocky would get jacked up before games to "Fade to Black", "Harvester of Sorrows", and others.
Jeff Burris

Jeff was an absolute nightmare for opposing teams. Not only was he an All-American Safety, but he was a threat returning kicks and running the ball on the goal line out of the T formation. Weis should take a page out of Holtz's book and make another #9 a playmaker in the redzone.
Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards was a beast at ND. Loved his attitude and loved his smashmouth style.

I also have another treat. This is a compilation from the past with a little Led in it.


Sir john said...

You dirty %$#*#* you make me sooooo hungry for the season to start. GREAT vid all i can find is Deano on U tube. (Smiles)

carms said...

Rocky B. and Mark E. are my kind of players. I can watch vids like these all day long, and yes football season cannot bet here soon enough.

Sir john said...

I re watched with DD down. Yep two of my girls loved marc edwards back then

Anonymous said...

Do you see how dominate Nds O-line is.Im not taking anything away from Marc Edwards but he had some major holes he was running thru.
In my opinion Marc was just a step down fron J. Bettis but still a determined runner. I cant wait till the season begins.