Jul 10, 2007

No Explanation Poll...Preseason Edition

This is the preseason July edition. Unlike the real polls, this one is a voter base of one and is accurate.

  1. U$C
  2. LSU
  3. Texas
  4. Michigan
  5. Louisville
  6. West Virginia
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Virginia Tech
  9. Wisconsin
  10. South Carolina
  11. Florida
  12. Georgia
  13. F$U
  14. Hawaii
  15. O$U
  16. Penn State
  17. TCU
  18. Texas A&M
  19. Missouri
  20. Oregon
  21. UCLA
  22. South Florida
  23. Nebraska
  24. Tennessee
  25. Notre Dame

1 comment:

Sir John said...

Interesting poll. I don't know about being #25 with so many unknowns on O and D. I'm more nervous the early 20005.

I would love a tee but man on my first ever trip to ND this year to the Blue and Gold game, I blew some #$78.00 for my daughter in tees and a jersey etc. I have to repair that hole those, the food and gas cost me. Ouchie