Jul 30, 2008

You're Looking Live...

On July 21st ESPN returned to form with the 2008 premier of College Football Live. Although I have been very critical of ESPN in the past, I can honestly say I was dripping with anticipation. I set my DVR to record College Football Live everyday. The season is is just a few LONG weeks away and I am getting pumped for not just the Fighting Irish, but for all of College Football.

Sadly, but almost quite expectantly, I was disappointed from the start. This show is a fucking disaster. I am not going to bitch about their coverage of Notre Dame. Every Irish fan should know by now how The World Wide Leader covers the Fighting Irish. But, I will say one thing... Maurice Crum is definitely still on the team.

There is so much wrong with this show that it is hard to single out one thing that really sticks out as being the most dastardly (Molly Qerim talking, is certainly one of them). However, the show and its writers are only interested in about 15 teams out of 120 in 1-A. With so many story lines available to them, sucking Tim Tebow's cock seems to be the greatest topic on hand.

There is hope for all of you TRUE College Football fans out there and it comes in the form of something delicious that you may already enjoy. EDSBS Live! As I'm writing this post, I am listening to the 7/29 broadcast. It's already more informative and entertaining than anything ESPN and its stable of "personalities" has to offer. They have Sporting News writer and Irish hater Matt Hayes as a guest, and it puts Matt Hayes in a entirely new light. He actually sounds funny and has a real passion for this sport and is far more articulate than Bob "I Learned How To Milk A Cow At Purdue" Griese. (Peter Bean just called Hayes a motherfucker. Fantastic.)

Now for a lot of you out there you may have a certain preference for some of your media outlets, and I realize podcasts and internet shows are less than spectacular without awesome graphics and interactive fan polls about "The Cooler Helmet". So maybe a little pressure is in order. Call, e-mail, and pester the fuck out of one network that may have the balls to put these guys on the tube and let me sit my ass on the coach and choke on a cherry twitzler in laughter...

I understand that this may be a tall order. But, the possibilities of a 60 minute show on TV about College Football that is completely "R" rated and over the top is too enticing to push aside as an early morning psychedelic freak out. I also expect some sort of monetary reimbursement if this happens, so be prepared to open you fucking wallet up Orsen.

Until then, enjoy their online show and get yourself prepared for the season.

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