Jul 9, 2008

Buck 50

Welcome back to another Wu Am I post. Today. we try to get a little physical and check out the offensive line...

6'4" 300 lbs.
Coral Springs, Florida
Wu-Name: Masta Cow
Dan Wenger looks like a mean S.O.B. He has that walk and talk of a player that is willing to do anything it takes to ensure a victory. We need that. He takes over for the Irish fulltime as the main man in the middle after the departure of John Sullivan.
Every Irish fan is looking for the promise to come true. What promise? Weis came to ND and used the word NASTY in his opening speech. Dan Wenger is that nasty. Remember Jeff Faine? He was one of the meanest asshole (with all due respect, because he is one of my all-time favorites) offensive lineman in recent ND history. Dan has the chance to become just that.
6'5" 305 lbs.
Brooklyn, New York
Wu-Name: Thick Killah
We heard about it. This past spring, Irish fans kept hearing about the fights at practice and then we saw it as a mini-brawl broke out at the practice during a coaches clinic. Then we saw it again during the Blue-Gold game. And in the middle of it all was Eric Olsen shouting, "Fuck you defense! Fuck You!"
Eric is trying to assert himself as the emotional leader of the offensive line that looked very weak and pussified last year. Maybe it is his Brooklyn nature, or maybe God just blessed him with the genetic disposition to kick ass. Either way, Olsen is one of the guys the team is going to look to to shake the "tin soldier" mentality that has plagued them for the past couple of seasons.

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