Feb 5, 2008

Update From The Master

Just a few quick updates for the loyal fanbase, and yes, the haters too.

- -

  • Subway Domer's Irish Lads: 2008 Recruiting Spectacular, will be published a day or two after signing day. Mike Lurie of NotreDameHockey.net and myself, have been working hard on this years class. I'm sure you all know everything there is to know of the incoming class, but please take the time to check this out. It should be a lot better than last years preview, which was still was honored by recruiting guru Mike Frank with a "very nice." (said by Mike in a Borat type accent).
  • Just a few short days after that colossus post, Subway Domer will bring you The State of Recruiting: 2008. This is another recruiting feature that Subway Domer provides, as I will break down and rank the states our beloved lads are coming from. If you haven't seen me whore this post before, I did this last year and will provide that link...NOW.
  • The nominations are in for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Check out EDSBS.com for links to all of the nomination sites as well as instructions on how to vote.
  • I plan on leaving early from work tomorrow and take a little vacation from the place I refer to as "Absolute Hell". I should be arriving at home around 12:21 and will immediately bunker down in the war room until 10:17 PM. If you feel that you need to chat with a fellow domer on this holiest of days, use the shoutboxx or my e-mail. Just remember that coverage of signing day will be on CSTV (Lemming), and ESPNU (Idiots with a camera) for national coverage. For totally ND bias, check out UND.com.

And that's about it. Be sure to get a good nights rest, or severely wasted by way of Irish Carbombs in preparation of tomorrow.


rufus said...

I need a new job. Ther is no way my boss would let me leave early.

Anonymous said...

I just read the two links for the recruiting stuff. Not bad. You were a little off on the numbers for the frosh.

bucknakedbrutus said...

Bunker down and watch Pryor commit to the Buckeyes. Tomorrow is going to be fucking sweet!

WeisGipper said...

Per several CA media outlets: Although Knox committed to the Bruins months ago, the firing of Coach Karl Dorrell opened the way for him to consider other options. He has been going back and forth, but in a possible hint of his choice, Birmingham Coach Ed Croson said Knox "was wearing a green hat" when he got onto a bus for a field trip today. Knox is scheduled to announce his decision tonight on FSN Prime Ticket."