Feb 19, 2008

Blog This

Have you become more like me? Do you find yourself searching the Internet for an extended period of time looking for any new info on Fighting Irish Football or College Football in general? Than this is the post for you.

Since I started this site, I have noticed a strange phenomenon. I can't verify with numbers, but I think Notre Dame Football may have more blogs dedicated to it than any other college football program out there. It's huge. You could literally spend days reading through all of them. This does create a little bit of a problem.

Where do you begin? Most of you already have a mental top 5 list for the Irish blogs you like the most. There may be no particular order, but they are the 5 you give the most credence to. I'll give you mine, in no order other than off the top of my head...

  1. Her Loyal Sons
  2. Blue-Gray Sky
  3. The House Rock Built (please post more, THRB is flipping hilarious)
  4. Irish Round Table
  5. Rakes of Mallow

These are the 5 I always look to first. However, NDLNA.com has changed that somewhat with its link basis. (A really great tool to get info and to pimp your site, Ryan is the shiznit)

There is however a whole mess of Irish blogs out there that are very well done and give their own unique spin on the program. And that is what this post is about.

During this dead period of news, I encourage each of you to surf the web for all of these blogs and see if there isn't something out there that you may have not seen before. I have been doing this for a few weeks now, and I am really impressed with all that I have seen. Check all of the blogs Blogrolls. See who they like and follow those links. Sadly, some blog writers don't update their Blogroll, or in some cases don't really have one at all. Every author has his own taste and I think their links are a reflection of their own personality and fan type.

Also, try expanding your horizons a little bit. No, I haven't gone mental and am encouraging everyone to look at a ballet blog. I mean, try reading our opponents sites. If you haven't already done it, I will warn you now... we are hated. But, so are dozens of other programs. You may be surprised by the quality, and my personal favorite, the comedy from other programs blogs. I take great care in giving Subway Domer an Enemy Blogroll so you and I can keep tabs on our opponents teams and football in general. I have tried to list at least one blog for each of our opponents and a few other teams that we as Irish fans don't really care for that much. Plus, a few of these are national blogs. And on that note, the national blogs are more informative and entertaining than anything the media mainstream has to offer. If you need a goog place to start, check out the College Football Blogger Awards Nominations at EDSBS.com.

Please try to search the links I have to the right and then follow the links they have and so forth. You will find a universe spralling with: good insightful football posts, pictures, comics, graphs, communities... a lot of cool shit.

I don't really get a lot of traffic compared to some of the big boys, but please give me your list on the comment link below of your "Top 5 Irish Blogs" and "Your Top 5 Other Than Notre Dame, But Still College Football Blogs" (what a title) I am really curious as to what you, the reader, are reading. (BTW- If you have a blog try not to list yours in the Top 5. If you have a blog and want it linked if it is not already, e-mail me your link and I will take a look and decide upon a link exchange).

Have fun! And Remember...


Anonymous said...

1.Blue-Gray Sky
2.Her Loyal Sons
3.Subway Domer
4.UHND Blog
5.Rakes of Mallow

2.Black Heart Gold Pants
3.Burnt Orange Nation
4.M Zone
5.11 Warriors

I need more than 5 to really show all of my likes.

Hulk said...

1. BGS
2. Rakes of Mallow
3. Irish Round Table
4. OCDomer
5. Subway Domer

1. MGoBlog
3. Wizard of Odds
4. Sunday Morning QB
5. Black Shoe Diaries

Linda Hogan said...

1. Blue-Gray Sky
2. Her Loyal Sons
3. Irish Band of Brothers
4. Rakes of Mallow
5. Irish Round Table

Kevin said...

1. Blue-Gray Sky
2. Irish Band of Brothers
3. Subway Domer
4. OC Domer
5. Irish Round Table

I look at Rivals, Scout, UND.com, and NDLNA more than all five of those, but they aren't blogs.

Johnny Rods said...

1. Her Loyal Sons
2. Irish Band of Brothers
3. Rakes of Mallow
4. Kelly Green
5. Blue Gray Sky

2. I Hate Mark May
3. Pimps Up, USC Cheerleaders Down
4. Football Rumor Mill
5. Sunday Morning QB

ND4NC09 said...

1. Irish Round Table
2. Fire Mark May
3. Irish Band of Brothers
4. Subway Domer
5. BGS

ashton said...

1. Subway Domer, of course!
2. Irish Band of Brothers
3. BGS
4. Her Loyal Sons
5. The Rock Report

KentAllard said...

1. Blue-Gray Sky
2. House Rock Built (when operational)
3. Her Loyal Sons
4. Rakes Of Mallow
5. Subway Domer

2. Sunday Morning QB
3. Pitt Blather

wouldn't read a Michigan blog if they paid me and got me a date with Jessica Biel...

Face Mask said...

1.OC Domer,2.IBB,3.Subwaydomer,4.IRT,5.Irish Glory.

Sir John said...

I have about a list of 20 + Blogs. As Senior Mod at Domer Domain I visit all Blogs several times a day to check for incoming news. I used to think ND Nation and Blue- gray Sky were the ened all be all, but DD trumpts them constantly and consistantly so they are at the very end of any list I have.

At the top I put my good friend Face Mask, Robert is a great guy and loyal ND. http://ndfootballwellcometothesubway.blogspot.com/

Of course Subway Domer here who is at DD.

OC Domer, also DD contributor.

ND fans of New England, by Orazil a monthly letter sent out i contributye 2 cents worth from time to time.

Irish Band of Brothers.

Her loyal sons