Feb 25, 2008

Taking Calls

Subway Domer now has a new way for you the reader to interact with me... The Emperor of The Subway Alumni: SubwayDomer26.

It's simple, and most importantly... FREE!

Just click on the "Call Me" button on the right or on this post. It will give you a prompt to plug in your phone number. Your number will remain private, I won't even be able to see it. Then click the call button and your phone will ring. When you answer it, a voice mail for Subway Domer will answer your call.

Feel free to use this as much as you like to ask questions, leave comments, or to drop some top secret recruiting info.

I am new to this deal, so I am sure there may be a lot more to it, but if anything changes I will post those changes.

Thanks for reading Subway Domer and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks to Mitch, A.K.A. Leroy, for being the first to try this thing. As you see, I can post the voice comments directly to this site. This could get ugly.


Sir john said...

Heh, heh, Heh. My mom used to work one of those switch boards. I do recall when we were still on a party line. Two three hopuseholds sharing same phone line.

Ted said...

sir john, I am glad to know there is someone else who can remember the party lines. Inquiring minds, and there were plenty of those, could listen to other conversations.

Anonymous said...

Ahahah we are old ted. 65 plus here. For a while we still had that seperate speaker and hearing gizmo you see in those old 1930's movies. Loved those, had a connected "remake" in brass once.
I had to explain to my daughter there are no buttons this is called a rotary dial.

Ahaha, the simple life. I need the same daughter to program my channel changer and investigate my computer bloops.This is the end of the world if i do it on my own.

Sir john said...

See i blew it anonoymous should be SJ