Feb 16, 2008

Here We Go Again...

I'm not too big on the whole schedule talk. NDNation.com can corner that market. I do agree with a lot of the backlash out there concerning Notre Dame's schedule, but I am playing more of a "wait and see" approach. It is a little less of a pain in the ass if you just take it one year at a time. According to the Mayans, we won't see past 2012 anyways.

I did see this today and it struck me as, not odd, but only fitting for the media.

STORRS, Conn. -- Connecticut coach Randy
Edsall wants to see another football school join the Big East Conference.
The league has just eight teams playing football. Each season, some schools
play four conference home games and some get only three.
UConn plays
West Virginia, Cincinnati
at home next season.
"It would be just so much more viable and more
equitable to everybody in the conference if we all had four home games each
year," Edsall said Thursday. "So that's why it's our hope as football coaches,
to get to where we have at least another team in the league."
declined to say what schools he believes might make good candidates for Big East
Central Florida, Memphis, East Carolina and others have been mentioned in the past as possible fits.
Notre Dame is already a
Big East member in other sports, but not football, where it has its own
television contract and does not have to share its revenues.
commissioner Michael Tranghese has said if the Irish would like to talk about
becoming a football member, he'd certainly take the phone call. But otherwise,
the league is not pursuing expansion, spokesman John Paquette said Thursday.
UConn is negotiating with Notre Dame for a football series. According to an
internal memo from Notre Dame that found its way to the Internet last week, the
schools plan a 10-game series starting in 2009, with five games in South Bend,
Ind., three at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. and two at the Meadowlands in
New Jersey.
Edsall would not say whether he favors such a series, which
would not include a home game in Connecticut.
"If we get a signed contract
and things, I'll be happy to discuss it," Edsall said. "I don't want to be
saying anything until the ink would be dry on the contract. Because if I say
something, I could screw the whole thing up and nobody might sign it."
Connecticut will play
Virginia, Baylor and Hofstra in nonconference home games next season. The Huskies have just two open
nonconference dates in the next few years, one in 2010 and one 2012, Edsall
The school is talking to a lot of other programs about future games,
and Edsall said he has his own wish list.
"Ideally, as I've mentioned, I'd
like to play Army, I'd like to play BC each year, and then a MAC school, a
I-AA," he said. "Then you have another one that you can get, a top team from a
BCS or however you think your schedule is going to work out."
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by The Associated Press

Edsall would look at our future schedules and run away. But more importantly, the media and other BCS schools can not help themselves when it comes to questioning Notre Dame's Independent status. THE IRISH ARE NOT GOING TO JOIN THE BIG EAST...EVER!!! So get over it and recognize. Even Webbie thinks so...


Rufus said...

Spelling bees are cool.

Face Mask said...

The reason for NDs independence goes back to the time when the Big-10 was being formed.Notre Dame at that time wanted to be in the Big-10 but some schools didn't want a private Cath. school in the conference.Mostly UMs lobbying is what kept them out.When the Big-10 seen how much money ND was bringing in years later thanks to the barn storming and yearly big games vs Army and the deals cut by Rockny they offered to let ND into the big-10.ND said "NO THANKS" and that is the way it has been sence.I hope it will always be this way.