May 17, 2009

Bagpipe Monday: Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor...

Welcome back to a special edition of Subway Domer's Bagpipe Monday. There will be no poll this week as I posted the survey for the month on last week's Bagpipe Monday. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please do so. It is located in the right hand margin.

But enough of that. This week, Bagpipe Monday is dedicated to my Brother-In-Law; Jon. On Saturday, Jon received his doctorate in Mathematics from The University of Notre Dame. My wife and I are so very proud of Jon and this tremendous accomplishment. I remember when I first heard that Jon was going to be attending ND for his Doctorate. I was thinking, " Thank Christ! A free hotel on gameday!!!" OK, maybe that was a bit shallow. But seriously, I was also thinking, "Man. This guy must be pretty smart. Math? I kept withdrawing from intro math classes in college because I couldn't understand the foreign professors. How in the hell, am I going to stack up to this guy at Christmas?"

And to think... Jon owes his life to me. I saved him from falling off of this cliff. Selective memory does not suit you, Jon.
Jon has been a huge source of information for the Subway Domer, as well as a freelance photographer. His quick thinking allowed me to get a very candid interview with Demetrius Jones at the Michigan State game in 2007. Thanks for everything Jon, It's sad to see you and Julie move out of South Bend- but we will always have the huge globe.

Congratulations Dr. Hauenstein, on a job well done. Good luck in Toronto, and if you get the chance to do this- you must give it a try. I drink this Gin & Tonic (minus the tonic) to you sir!

Who is the Subway Alumnus & who is the Doctor? It's any one's guess...

These pipes are for you:

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